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How did khaki pants evolve from military clothing

by:XinXing     2020-06-23
It's still the old rules. Before you know a single product, you must first figure out its source, maybe one day it will become a chatting resource. Yes, today's protagonist is 'Khakis' in its 'khaki pants'. Khaki pants originated in 1848. The British expanded to India in the 19th century. The British army still retained traditional clothing at that time. The hot weather in India made them miserable and very conspicuous. It was easy to be discovered by the enemy. So he began to make raw military uniforms from local Indian fabrics. There are also rumors that khaki pants became popular in the 1840s, when British Indian soldiers dyed cotton trousers with tea, curry powder and mud to blend into the landscape. The first wearing of khaki pants was probably in 1846, a guide group of a regiment of the British Indian Army. Khaki dye was patented in 1884. Thus, khaki pants were born. In 1867, the British army adopted Khaki as their official uniform. 31 years later, in 1898, during the Spanish-American War, our own American military adopted Khaki as their official uniform. Because these now classic cotton pants appear in two different but related places, the British and American troops. The first American khaki uniform was approved for navy use in 1917. ('Red coat' + khaki pants, symbolizing power and prestige, and successfully intimidated their enemies) Khaki pants refer to khaki pants, mostly refer to khaki twill pants. Because twill pants were the most common color when they were just born, these two statements are often confused. (Early British khaki pants) The first thought of khaki pants is khaki. The word khaki comes from Hindi, which means 'dust' or 'dust'. Historically, khaki was light brown or beige, not necessarily a piece of clothing. When the British first arrived in India, the dresses of the guides and other 'irregular' Calvary units that served in the British Empire were not uniform, and the troops from India and the British mainland wore unsuitable clothes. But after khakis are introduced, khakis will be very popular. Officers from mainland England still wear traditional dark red wool jackets and white pants. This suit is too hot for the climate and very conspicuous. Local recruits wear cool blouses and loose cotton trousers, which are cooler, but they do not play a good role in camouflage. Lumsden of the British Army suddenly thought of creating a new uniform for the two groups of people. A uniform made of light but durable twill cotton, dyed brown to blend with the environment. Lumsden was able to import khaki fabrics from the UK, but when supplies became unavailable, he and his men dyed the white clothes by using local Mazzari plants, coffee, tea, tobacco juice, and or curry, or Simply rub the uniform in the dirt and dust to make a makeshift. The word 'khaki' actually comes from the meaning of 'turquoise' in Hindustani. The khaki uniform is cooler and the camouflage is better, which proves its superiority, and is eventually used by all legions in the region-Britain and India-for active duty and summer wear. In 1902, it also became the official dress of the British Continental Army. On the other side of the Atlantic, American soldiers wore cotton twill pants for the first time in the Spanish-American War. The military began to experimentally wear khaki uniforms to the army. Because they used to wear hot wool clothes, it was very hot, so soldiers stationed in the Philippines easily accepted cotton clothes and brought them back to the United States after the war. The flat-leg khaki pants they issued were imported from China, and it is believed that the military began calling them chinos in Spanish and Chinese. Or, the name may come from the word 'bake' in Spanish because the pants are light brown. After the war, khaki pants, like the undershirts of American soldiers, were a piece of clothing that veterans had been wearing as civilians. The classic style of this pair of pants does not scream 'military', but can easily be transformed into comfortable casual clothes. At the same time, excess military supplies ensure that people who are not in service can get a lot of khaki pants, and pants quickly become a staple of men's clothing for the general public. Why khaki is a fashionable staple food. Khaki is as easy to wear as jeans, and has several advantages over denim: jeans are hard, tightly woven, and heavy. It is hot in summer, and khaki is soft, light, comfortable, and cool. Khaki is also more versatile than jeans; although these two pants can be used with anything from t-shirts to sportswear, their neutral colors, embedded pockets, smoother fabrics and straightforward cut style, khaki pants will make You go to the next level in terms of formality. You can wear khaki pants for housework, or walk in the forest, or go to the office or date. You can even sleep comfortably in khaki, and no one wants to sleep in jeans! Khaki is a four season dress, although as the temperature starts to rise, they are especially important in spring and summer. Almost any time you wear shorts, you will look more fashionable in khakis and will not be more sexy. Khaki is therefore a simple way to enhance your style in the warmer months. Khaki is relatively cheap because the quality of mid- to high-end brands is not much different. They are also very durable and can last a long time. Practical, comfortable, wear-resistant, good-looking khaki is hard to make mistakes-especially if you wear it right is the most dazzling on the street.
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