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How effective is the Chinese body armor?

by:XinXing     2020-09-12
How effective is the body armor? Will it cause body fractures or risk of breakdown? This is because all soldiers wearing body armor on the battlefield will have doubts. See how Anhua police equipment dispels your concerns:

Most of the soft body armors used in the last century were soft body armor. Even if the soft body armor was shot with a powerful pistol, it could not be penetrated, but it was easy to cause excessive depression and 'squeeze' the wearer's bones.

After entering this century, the bulletproof level of soft body armor has been improved to GJB III, NIJ IIIA or G. And this level of body armor can withstand most of the pistol ammunition, even the 50-caliber 'hand cannon'. This means that the current body armor is unlikely to 'squeeze' bones due to excessive depression. Unless you encounter the FN 57 pistol using a high-penetration 5.7mm bullet specially designed to restrain the body armor.

Another point is that because the human body is covered with fat, a small amount of depression will not hurt the key. European and American bodies are relatively tall and have relatively high fat content. Therefore, in the NIJ standard, the dent of the body armor after shooting is not more than 44mm, which can be regarded as qualified; and the physique of Chinese people is generally not as strong as that of Europeans and Americans. The maximum depression in GA 141-2010 shall not exceed 25mm.
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