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How far is five kilometers? How much are combat boots?

by:XinXing     2020-03-22
?How far is five kilometers, only the runners know, the weight of combat boots, only the feet know. ????When the words five kilometers appear in front of us, if you are not a soldier, you cannot perceive how far the five kilometers are. 5 kilometers is 5,000 meters and 12.5 laps on a standard 400-meter runway. How far is five kilometers? How much are combat boots? Brother Bing told you The men's 5,000-meter world record was 12 minutes, 37 seconds and 35. ??????Women's 5,000 meters run world record 14 minutes 24 seconds 53. ???????5 kilometers is the length of 178 basketball courts and 47 football fields. It takes 5 minutes for a 5km car to move at 60km / h. 5 kilometers is the length of 4 buses. ??????5 kilometers, 5 kilometers, 5 kilometers every day. If you exercise and jog, it will take about half an hour, but as a soldier you can run five kilometers in half an hour, then you can go home. Weak limbs, difficulty breathing, sweating like rain, dizziness, and brain swelling, roughly so. ???????Every 5 kilometers you have completed a metamorphosis, and every time you persist, you have a sublimation. ???????So how heavy are combat boots? Only those who have actually run five kilometers in the army know. Those 1.8 kilogram boots are worn on your fast feet, sometimes very light and sometimes heavy. In general, its weight depends on how far you are from the point. The more backward, the heavier. Five kilometers with bare hands is quite easy. If it is five kilometers off-road with a load, to the last mile, the combat boots are like being filled with lead, and it is difficult to move. Every bit of the road of 25 kilometers is a rare exercise in life. People who have not experienced pain and do not know how to grow, and those who have not run five kilometers in the army do not know how far the five kilometers are, nor how heavy the camouflage shoes are. I wish all the warriors who had bravely moved forward on the five-kilometer runway will always maintain a running attitude, and can persist for every five kilometers of life, the end is not far.
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