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How is the performance of the riot helmet affected?

by:XinXing     2020-09-26
Riot helmet is an important protective equipment, it is mainly used to protect the safety of armed police officers and soldiers and improve their combat effectiveness. The anti-riot helmet is a full helmet-shaped design, composed of a hard helmet cover, a flexible lining and a suspension system. It mainly resists two kinds of injuries, one is a direct blow to the head from a blunt object or projectile, and the other is to resist non-inertial penetrating injuries that may be caused to the head. The performance of the riot helmet determines the degree of safety, so what factors affect the performance of the riot helmet?

1. When the riot helmet is not penetrated, reducing the thickness of the helmet body will increase the maximum acceleration of the neck and head, thereby reducing the protective performance of the helmet.
2. The helmet lining is an important part to prevent non-penetrating head injuries. The choice of lining material and thickness will affect the protective performance of the helmet. Generally speaking, the higher the flexibility, the better the cushioning, but it is more likely to be crushed and fail. The material and thickness of the lining should be considered in the design.
3. Under the same working conditions, thickening the inner lining material of the riot helmet can prolong the action time of the force on the head and improve the protective performance of the riot helmet.
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