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How much do you know about riot gear

by:XinXing     2020-06-24
Riot clothes are also called riot armor clothes, police riot clothes, explosion-proof clothes, armor clothes, etc. It is widely used in the fields of riot control and suppression of large-scale riots. It can effectively resist the attacks of sharp weapons, sticks and various non-explosive objects, and has a certain flame retardant clothing. Riot clothing is a fighting costume that riot police must wear during the riot control. The riot police are special police units that specifically suppress riots. All the equipment of the riot police is made of special materials. For example, anti-riot shields, anti-riot gloves, anti-riot helmets, anti-riot arm protection groups, and heavy-duty anti-riot suits commonly used in the anti-riot process. This anti-riot suit is divided into tops and bottoms. The material of the clothes has a good fireproof function. There are plastics and foams inside the clothes that can absorb the merits. A good airtight and no gap design can be achieved. However, compared with ordinary casual clothes, there are some restrictions, but you can still squat, run, jump, twist, flex and stretch. The protective tools often used are sticks, which are used for arrests, with round shields or small square shields, and so on.
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