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How much do you know about the magic of police equipment?

by:XinXing     2020-09-29
In today's society, due to the rampant criminal elements, police equipment is being updated faster and faster. Police officers can use advanced police equipment to protect themselves and the safety of the masses! So what police equipment such as batons and anti-riot shields did people use to fight the enemy before these high-tech researches? Below are some funny pictures I collected from major TVs, but they can explain the problem very well, please watch it!

The picture below is an Indian policeman on duty, holding a baton in his hand, feeling majestic, but seeing the baton he is holding, does it feel like a play in a second?
Policeman holding a baton

When a policeman is holding a baton to punish the prisoner, he can feel his majesty very strongly. Probably this is the place of the police officer's air!

Punish criminals with batons

However, when the police officer was accidentally robbed of the baton, the plot was reversed and changed in a second!

Baton robbed

The picture below shows a police officer holding a mobile phone in his mouth instead of using a law enforcement recorder when chasing criminals. Does it feel very tall?

Mobile phone acts as a law enforcement recorder

The anti-riot shield made of this kind of rattan is more economical, but can it really effectively resist attacks?
Simple Riot Shield

Of course, these seem to be more fun today, but I have to admire people's imagination. It is with this ability that we have today's more complete police equipment that can better resist foreign enemies!
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