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How much do you know about the new standard three-layer

by:XinXing     2020-08-26

The new raincoat implements product technical standards: 'Police uniform raincoat (trial draft)', and the fabric implements product technical standards: 'Police uniform material
Three-layer composite raincoat cloth (trial draft)”, the raincoat fabric uses three-layer composite raincoat cloth, and the color of the raincoat top fabric is fluorescent yellow
Color, the color of the pants fabric is navy blue, and the cloth surface of the raincoat is made of polyester (polyester fiber). The material specification is polyester elastic yarn 7572F
X100D/144F, DTY), the warp and weft yarn density is 675 threads/10m X365 is my friend root/10cm, the fabric weave is two up, one down, right oblique
Grain; the film layer is made of polyurethane wet coating, navy blue, the color of the cloth coating is gray, and the color of the fluorescent yellow raincoat cloth is white
Color; the inner layer is made of knitted fabric, the specification is 20D polyester single jersey fabric, 28 grams 1 meter. Color fastness to heat-resistant pressing of raincoat cloth: discoloration ≥ grade 4,
Staining ≥ grade 4; moisture permeability> 6000I9/(m2d)1; hydrostatic pressure: initial ≥ 80 kPa, after 5 washings> 50 kPa; fluorescent yellow
Raincoat cloth brightness factor number ≥0.70y. Raincoat (front body, back, sleeves, trousers, leg openings) reflective strips and front chest and back reverse
The color of the light character is silver gray, and the reflective tape is a fully-sealed fabric base lattice reflective material, with a width of 30mm; the predecessor 'police' and the back 'police'
The color of the buckle belt used in the raincoat and the base material of the sewing part are made with heat-sensitive reflective film.
Match the color of the material; match the color of the nylon core-spun rope with the color of the trousers; plastic air holes, elastic rope for the ear hole of the cap, and adjustment buckle
The color of the zipper is black, the raincoat has no lining, and the hat is detachable and can be put into the collar.
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