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How should the price and quality of the police

by:XinXing     2020-09-09
'Good quality and low price' is actually a false proposition. Although high prices are not necessarily good quality, low prices are certainly not good quality, at least it is impossible to maintain good quality. The vicious competition among various companies in the market disrupted the normal operation of the market, and the long and excessive price wars have caused them to suffer miserably. In order to reduce costs, a very small number of companies have to take risks and cut corners in production materials and processes. Fully charged, and then buried safety hazards.

  The police equipment industry is a special industry that has zero tolerance for products with low quality and poor service. But the handcuffs can't be handcuffed, the X-ray detector can't detect, the body armor is not bulletproof, etc. These chaos have happened. The quality of police equipment is not only related to the performance of the police's combat effectiveness, but also to the safety of frontline police officers. Everyone knows the principle that you get what you pay for, but we always hope to buy ginseng with the money we buy carrots. It is not concealed to say that in the past few years, some units had one-sided pursuit of low-price bids for the purpose of saving national financial funds when purchasing, and did not comprehensively consider whether the product quality or function is applicable. As a result, the subjective wish was good. But objectively, it also induces a small number of companies to lower prices in order to satisfy the low-price bid that 'Party A's father' is keen on.

 The embarrassing scene of 'talking about the price with good quality and talking about quality with the low price' is no stranger to enterprises in the police equipment industry. For now, the homogeneous competition in the police equipment market in my country is still serious. Especially in recent years, many small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry have encountered serious challenges to the survival of many small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry due to the rising prices of raw materials and the market's adjustment period. In order to ensure that there is business to do, some companies can only wield a knife to cut prices and participate in an increasingly competitive market. And the facts have proved that blindly adopting malicious low prices in an attempt to occupy the market first and then try to make a brilliant business operation logic is simply a dead end.

Even more frightening is that when the profits of most companies in an industry hover around the cost line for a long time, it is difficult to guarantee the benefits of employees. Even if they try their best to retain talents, it is difficult to stimulate their work enthusiasm and innovation enthusiasm; companies do not With sufficient funds invested in research and development and design, product innovation and upgrading will inevitably be difficult. In the end, the entire industry is trapped in a swamp of vicious low-price and low-quality competition. Among them, the worst is the companies that want to make products and try to build their brands. In such a bad market atmosphere, their brand roads are almost completely disrupted by this 'low-price wins' game. , Forced to join the price war, and finally it is difficult to guarantee the quality and quality of the product. In this context, low prices are quietly destroying the entire police equipment industry, perhaps not so alarmist.

   It took more than 40 years for the police equipment industry in our country to catch up with the development of similar products in developed countries in Europe and America, and even in some products, technology has made certain achievements. This is not only due to the attention of the competent department, but also because many companies in the industry have been consistent for decades, insisting on product quality and pursuing technological innovation. Imagine that if vicious low-price competition becomes the mainstream of the industry, local companies lose profits, and the ladder of brand upgrading is taken away. Those international brands that are already standing on a high position will completely lose their competitors, so China will only have two Kinds of products: international brands and cheap goods. Over time, it is impossible for companies in the industry to have the confidence to revive their brands, pursue technological innovation and high-quality development, and even basic services are difficult to maintain. In the end, you will be exhausted, hurt your peers, destroy the market, and even destroy the industry that has finally been established and thrived.

The healthy, orderly, and rapid development of the police equipment industry requires the care of superior authorities and the joint efforts of every enterprise in the industry to improve the quality control system. Anwar police equipment appeals to everyone: win the public with quality and win by service market.
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