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How strong is the dragon scale body armor?

by:XinXing     2020-09-09
Dragon scale body armor is a fish-scale protective armor woven from small pieces of ceramic bulletproof tiles and new bulletproof fibers, similar to medieval scale armor, hence the name 'dragon scale armor'.

The dragon scale armor body armor has unprecedented protection against bullets. It will not be penetrated 40 times by a 7.62mm standard military bullet at a distance of 6 meters, and it can also block 762mm steel core armor-piercing bullets and 9mm mini submachine guns. It has no effect at all. The price is also very high. A complete set of dragon scale body armor is about $5,000, which is 4 times higher than ordinary body armor. It is conceivable that if the US military is equipped with dragon scale armor, most of the rifles and submachine guns in the world will become useless.

There are two main types of body armor for dragon scale armor: soV-1000 and sov-2000. The former uses titanium alloy bulletproof tiles and the latter uses ceramic bulletproof tiles. Due to the use of dragon scale armor technology, SOV-2000 can meet the three-level protection standard of the National Judicial Society, while SOV-3000 can meet the four-level protection standard. In the United States, body armor is divided into four levels of protection according to the types of bullets that can be defended and different uses, of which the highest level four is the highest level of individual body armor, which is designed for high-risk combat environments.

Because titanium alloy armor and ceramic armor use different materials, there is a difference in protection, and the cost of ceramic armor is naturally higher than that of titanium alloy. This reflects another advantage of dragon scale armor: it can be customized according to the user's requirements. For example, you can require the entire front, back and sides of the body armor to use titanium alloy bulletproof tiles with a protection level of three or ceramic bulletproof tiles with a protection level of four. You can also require the use of ceramic bulletproof tiles on the front of the body armor, and the back and Only titanium alloy is used on the side.

According to real experiments, the dragon scale armor can defend against any type of rifle of any caliber and bullets fired by pistols (5 meters away) from the outer nylon layer without damage. Even the standard combat grenade of the US military can only explode its nylon layer, but cannot explode inside.
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