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How to buy anti-cut gloves for single police equipment?

by:XinXing     2020-09-24
Cut-resistant gloves have the characteristics of cut-resistant, stab-resistant, non-slip, and abrasion resistant, which can not only protect the personal safety of the police, but also apply to some other industries in daily life. But everything has quality. What should we pay attention to when choosing cut-resistant gloves?

When choosing cut-resistant gloves, not only consider materials, uses and prices, but also involve employees in the selection, because only they can measure comfort. It is worth noting that users must understand the restrictions and care on the use of gloves. These data can be found on the instructions or labels of the gloves. For example, cut-resistant gloves are not completely cut-resistant, and are only suitable for manually operated knives. Knitted fiber gloves cannot resist serrations or wavy blades.

It is not advisable to use anti-cutting gloves in daily life or when sanitation workers are repairing thorny flowers. Because cut-resistant gloves are made of steel wires, there are many dense small holes that allow thorns to pass through. Cut-resistant gloves are designed for people's long-term industrial safety. In long-term use, the gloves are often in contact with sharp objects, and small holes will inevitably occur in the gloves. If the holes in the gloves are too large, it may threaten the safety of the user. At this time, the gloves need to be repaired or replaced.
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