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How to choose a bulletproof helmet?

by:XinXing     2020-09-24
As an important part of the individual protection system, bulletproof helmets have been fully affirmed in local wars and high-tech local wars. At present, police equipment companies across the country are sparing no effort to develop a new generation of multi-functional high-performance bulletproof helmets to meet the operational needs of future high-tech wars.

Bulletproof helmets are not bulletproof. They can only use bulletproof pieces. Rifle bullets can easily penetrate various military bulletproof helmets within the effective range, and they have two eyes. Therefore, it is very important to choose a helmet with a certain degree of protection. So, how to measure the protective ability of the helmet. The quality of a helmet is usually measured by three indicators, that is, the V50 speed value, the protective area and the weight. The material is not considered. It is a helmet made of galvanized iron. As long as the above three indicators are qualified, it is also a good helmet. Among them, the V50 speed value is the most important measure.

The so-called V50 value is to use a hypotenuse cylindrical projectile with a mass of 1.1 grams to shoot the helmet at different speeds within a specified distance. If 50% of the projectile penetrates the helmet, 50% does not penetrate the helmet, that is, 50% penetration is achieved. Probability, the average velocity of the bullets fired is the V50 value of this helmet. The higher the V50 value, the better the helmet ballistic performance.

Bulletproof helmet is an extremely important protective equipment during the battle, so you must be extremely cautious when choosing, the better the quality, the more life is guaranteed, and you must not take it lightly.
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