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How to choose a cross-country backpack?

by:XinXing     2020-05-17
1. The role of a cross-country backpack ??????① Carry various items. Cross-country races or cross-country races are basically carried out in the mountains far from the city. It is impossible to buy water and food at any time along the way. You cannot take these supplies in your hands while running, so you need to carry these supplies on your back; ??????② carrying water. In cross-country competitions, due to environmental constraints, supply stations are unlikely to be as dense as city road races. The distance between two supply points in cross-country competitions is mostly about 10 kilometers. Without self-supplementation, you are easily dehydrated or even exhausted; ??????③ Carry food waste. The cross-country competition emphasizes people's attention to the natural environment and awareness of environmental protection. Self-sufficiency as much as possible, reducing the consumption of social resources is the spirit of cross-country racing, self-supply is the embodiment of this spirit. Second, the waist bag is only suitable for short distance running ??????In daily urban road running, or in urban marathons, belt bags are the most common equipment for runners. It is very convenient to put a mobile phone, key, change, or energy glue. Some belt bags can also be put in a kettle. Waist packs are less common and have been replaced by off-road backpacks. This is because: the waist bag usually cannot bring too much supplies, nor can it be too heavy. If it is too heavy, the weight is directly below the waist, and it may even affect your running speed and posture. By that time, no matter how relaxed your upper body is, you will be particularly painful and awkward to run. Even if some waist packs can be put in the water bottle, you will feel uncomfortable when you start running due to the significant weight increase. Such a waist pack is only suitable for short and medium distance running. Third, the benefits of off-road backpacks ??????You can evenly distribute the weight to the upper body, shoulders and back. At this time, the weight is integrated with your body, and you will not feel particularly heavy, instead of directly pressing on the waist and lower limbs, which will affect the running. Fourth, how to choose an off-road backpack 1. How big a backpack to buy, the current cross-country running backpack capacity has all specifications. This time the 110km group can buy backpacks over 8L. The purchase of backpacks under 8L for the 50km group is just my personal opinion and is for reference only. 2. Pay attention to the weight. Secondly, we must pay attention to the weight of the backpack. In order to reduce the burden, we will definitely choose a lighter backpack. However, the lighter the backpack is, the worse the support effect is. With more pressure, the weight may become heavier. Whether to choose light or good support performance, this is a trade-off. 3. It is recommended to buy a water bag and put it in a backpack. First introduce what is a water bag. The water bag is a container. Its capacity is generally 1.5L to 6L. The material used to make the water bag is food-grade TPU. It has antibacterial and mildew resistance. The characteristics of anti-explosion are relatively durable. The water bag is usually used with a backpack. In running, you can specially match the water bag backpack with a shape. When using the water bag, you use a catheter and a spout to drink. The spout can be used to absorb water with one hand or squeeze with your teeth. This feature greatly improves the convenience of water bags. And with the continuous reduction of drinking water, the vacuum principle of the water bag will also become smaller. On the one hand, the water will not slosh inside, nor will it occupy the backpack space, and the better quality water bag can hold a variety of beverages or even Boiling water, no need to worry about cracking or water leakage. 4. Comfort: The consideration of comfort is also indispensable. Generally, backpacks will add padding to the waist belt and shoulder straps to increase comfort and stability, but they also add weight to the entire backpack, so where to do it. The option of needing more protection is also what you should know as a runner, and you must have enough pockets to fill the necessary food supplements, such as energy bars and electrolytes. If the front chest strap of the backpack is not stable enough, it is best to tie the elastic strap of the backpack below, double stability, to ensure that the backpack will not shake too much, and that the water bottle will not jump too much. Five, backpack brand ??????Backpacks ranging from more than a hundred yuan to more than a thousand prices can be described as dazzling, entry runners can choose low-level off-road backpacks to use, and after the ability and experience improve, then buy a higher-grade backpack, this is more rational, of course, local tyrant random. 3 people like this Journal
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