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How to choose the material of body armor?

by:XinXing     2020-04-29
The main threats of body armor protection are pistols and fragments. Bulletproof materials have undergone a transition from hard to soft, which has changed people's understanding of the bulletproof mechanism and greatly expanded the space of bulletproof materials. At present, bulletproof materials are steadily developing towards light weight and comfort. The following XINXING police equipment will give you a detailed introduction in terms of the role of bulletproof materials and selection factors: 1. The role of body armor material Ordinary warheads, especially lead core or ordinary steel core bullets, will deform after contacting bulletproof materials. In this process, the bullets consume a considerable part of the kinetic energy, which effectively reduces the penetration force of the bullets and is the energy absorption of bullets An important aspect of the mechanism. Bulletproof materials also consume bullet energy through fiber stretching and breakage, and a small amount of energy is converted into heat energy through friction (fiber / fiber, fiber / bullet) and into acoustic energy through impact. Factors that affect the bulletproof performance of bulletproof vests can be considered from the two aspects of the interacting projectile (bullet or shrapnel) and bulletproof material. As far as the projectile is concerned, the ability of the bulletproof equipment to block the warhead is mainly related to the kinetic energy, shape, structure, material and angle of incidence of the bullet or fragment, which determine its penetration. For different projectiles, different bulletproof materials and structure. The stress wave generated after the warhead hits the fabric needs to be spread as soon as possible, so the energy of the bullet can be spread faster when the stress wave speed C is large, and the energy can be transmitted to the auxiliary fiber through the stress wave propagation. 2. How to choose the material of body armor The development of bulletproof materials can be seen from this. When designing bulletproof vests, bulletproof materials should focus on the following aspects: 1. Bulletproof materials need to have high strength and high modulus of elasticity, and at the same time have certain toughness. While paying attention to the physical properties of the material, we must pay attention to its stability and consistency to ensure that the bullet energy is stably consumed without penetration. 2. The design considers the redundancy of bulletproof materials. The ratio of the number of impenetrable layers of the bulletproof material to the total number of layers becomes the safety margin. Improving the safety margin of bulletproof materials on the one hand ensures the safety and service life of the product, and at the same time all materials participate in energy distribution and reduce non-penetrating damage to the human body. 3. Pay attention to the development of new materials, such as the development of PBO fibers and other materials with better performance, and reduce the production cost of such materials to ensure the unity of protection and comfort of equipment. How to choose the material of body armor? Through the explanation of the above editors, everyone should know everything. The quality of the bulletproof material directly determines the level of the bulletproof effect, so everyone must choose according to their actual situation in the actual selection process to ensure the maximum protection on the battlefield!
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