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How to configure single police equipment to achieve

by:XinXing     2020-09-08
Single police equipment refers to the relevant communications, police equipment, weapons and other personal equipment worn by the police in the course of law enforcement duties. Single police equipment is a weapon for the police to protect themselves and fight the enemy. Since the deployment of single police equipment, it has played an important role in protecting the law enforcement safety of front-line police in our country, reducing casualties and combating crimes. However, for many years, the grassroots police have encountered bottlenecks in the use of single police equipment. The phenomenon of grassroots police not wearing, unwilling to wear, and not using single police equipment in law enforcement is serious, and single police equipment cannot play its due role and effectiveness. . In some countries, the configuration of single police equipment has always been standardized, scientific, practical, and efficient. Its practical configuration makes the single police equipment exert the greatest effect. The following XINXING police equipment will take everyone to understand:

1. U.S. single police equipment configuration content
Because the United States implements federalism, the police department management system is scattered, and each state has its own management authority, so there is no unified police system across the United States. Although the styles of individual police equipment in various states in the United States are different from those of manufacturers, the overall performance and configuration of the equipment are similar. For example, the standard single police equipment of the Los Angeles police: 1. Pistol; 2. Portable walkie-talkie; 3. Two pairs of handcuffs; 4. Bulletproof vest; 5. Tactical flashlight; 7. Taser stun gun; 8. Stimulant injector; 9. , T-shaped baton.

2. Singapore single police equipment configuration content
The Singapore Police attaches great importance to the construction of the police force equipment, especially the education and training centered on patrol and interrogation services, and the equipment management centered on unifying the image of the police and improving the efficiency of police activities. Singapore police standard single police equipment: 1. A revolver and 5 bullets in the rotating chamber; 2. A bullet loader with 5 bullets inside; 3. A police dialogue machine; 4. High-pressure stun gun and spare ammunition Clamp one; 5. One T-shaped stick; 6. One pair of handcuffs and holster; 7. One set of police belt.

3. The configuration content of single police equipment in Hong Kong, China
As one of the most developed and prosperous regions in the world, Hong Kong police is a strict disciplinary force and attaches great importance to the business role of the police. Therefore, the level of development of single police equipment in Hong Kong can be described as the world's top. The Hong Kong police belt components are equipped: 1. Smith-10 revolver; 2. Quick loading device; 3. Pepper spray; 4. Police work including handcuffs; 5. Telescopic baton; 6. Water bottle (optional) ; 7. Flashlight (optional); 8. Walkie-talkie.

Have you learned anything from the configuration characteristics of the single police equipment from the above three places? I hope you can configure your equipment according to the actual situation so that you can play its role to the greatest effect, protect yourself and attack the enemy.
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