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How to divide the protection level of body armor?

by:XinXing     2020-09-16
Body armor is a kind of protective equipment used to protect the human body from shrapnel during combat. The difference in materials makes the bulletproof level different. The following is a brief introduction of Anhua police equipment:

The commonly used body armor is the NIJ standard of the United States. There are 6 levels in this standard: level I, level IIA, level II, level IIIA, level III, and level IV.

The protection capabilities range from low to high. Among them, the ⅢA level requires 9mm pistol bullets capable of preventing micro-impact launching, with a bullet speed of 420m/s; all levels below the ⅢA level are anti-9mm pistols with a bullet speed below 360m/s.

Generally speaking, most foreign customers require the protection level of body armor to be ⅢA level. The third level of protection is to add two 300mm*250mm ceramic composite boards before and after the body armor. The thickness of each board is 18mm and the weight is 2.6kg. This level requires It can resist M80 bullets (7.62*51 bullets, bullet speed: 800m/s). There are also ordinary bullets fired by AK-47 and 56 rifles in this level.

Level IV also needs to add a ceramic plate, the thickness of the plate is 21mm, the weight is 3.3kg, it is required to be able to prevent armor-piercing projectiles fired by M1, and the bullet speed is 850m/s.

Body armor below ⅢA grade is soft and does not require ceramic plates. The bulletproof layer materials of soft body armor are divided into domestic and imported materials. The domestic material is white ultra-high-strength polyethylene fiber; the imported material is KEVLAR yellow; the price of body armor is related to the material used, and is also related to the protective area. The larger the area, the higher the price. Common body armor has three types of protection areas: vest type (0.27 square meters), vest type (0.32), and full protection type (with crotch 0.60).
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