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How to grasp the power of police equipment?

by:XinXing     2020-09-09
Police weapons are a set of police equipment carried by SWAT members who are responsible for public security and stability during their missions. Its biggest feature is that it can kill criminals without hurting hostages. How to grasp the power of police equipment under such strict conditions?

  First: Police equipment can cause criminals to lose resistance, but it will not endanger their lives!

   First, police weapons are generally used in urban areas or densely populated areas. Once a violent terrorist incident occurs, this requires police weapons to be capable of stopping the incident. In many cases, criminals often make big mistakes after being irritated. They often do not die. If the police shoot the criminal directly, the consequences will be too serious. Therefore, police weapons must not endanger the life and safety of criminals, so that they lose resistance, like tear gas is very suitable.

  Second: Police equipment must not harm hostages while dealing with criminals

   In some cases, criminals have taken hostages, which requires the police to deal with them decisively, because once the handling is wrong, the hostages are likely to be harmed. In this case, the sniper rifle is the most suitable choice. However, sniper rifles are often too large to be used at the mission site. All rifles and pistols will be used as weapons to kill criminals. This requires very high accuracy of the weapon. Moreover, the power must not be too great, and the bullets could not cause damage to the hostages or the surrounding people because they killed the criminals. All, the general power of police weapons must be limited.

  How to grasp the power of police equipment? I believe everyone should understand that after reading the above two points, Anhua police equipment, as a professional manufacturer of police equipment, will definitely make better equipment for relevant departments on this basis!
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