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How to maintain police equipment and clothing?

by:XinXing     2020-09-10
Police equipment and clothing are important signs of police identity and law enforcement, reflecting the police style of a country. Putting on a handsome police uniform, the police will also look energetic.
Although the police uniforms are good, they also have some troubles. The most important thing is the maintenance of the police uniform. If the maintenance is not good, the uniform will become wrinkled, and sometimes there will be many discordant 'little white hairs' on the uniform! Faced with such a situation, what should we do? Anhua police equipment provides some methods for your reference!
Remove dust and velvet: Dust is the biggest enemy of police uniforms, so use a brush to gently brush the dust on the uniforms. If the police uniform is stained with other fibers or dust that is not easy to remove, you can use a wide tape to stick it, so that the effect after adsorption is often good.
Wrinkle removal: Police work is to wear police uniforms, but wrinkles will inevitably appear when worn all the year round. To deal with this situation, hang the police uniform with a hanger and place it in a well-ventilated place. For police uniforms with more wrinkles, you can hang them in places with higher relative humidity, which will reduce wrinkles to a certain extent.
Go to the light: long-wear police uniforms will wear light on the elbows, knees, buttocks and other places. For this, you can prepare half a basin of water and add a little vinegar to the water. After the towel is soaked, wipe it a few times in one direction, so that the light can be removed to a certain extent.
Storage: Police uniforms are not suitable for washing, but they should not be cleaned frequently. The best way is to usually pay attention not to wear police uniforms for exercise, and do not get the police uniforms dirty. If you don't wear regular clothes for the time being, you should fold it carefully or hang it in a dust bag.
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