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How to solve the problem of yellowing the urban

by:XinXing     2020-05-24
Avoid using brown paper, brown cardboard, and plastic film packaging products containing phenol antioxidants, which can easily lead to yellowing of the logo clothing fabric; the storage area should be well ventilated to avoid mold yellowing; Fewer phenol derivatives are used as additives; avoid the use of heat-shrink-based plastic packaging logo clothing fabrics; avoid the finished products being alkaline to prevent the logo clothing fabrics from yellowing. In addition, after finishing with citric acid as an acid agent, the logo clothing fabrics are also prone to yellowing. Because citric acid is very easy to dehydrate to form an anhydride when heated, and citric acid has one more hydroxyl group than the general polyacid in structure, which belongs to a hydroxy acid, which is dehydrated to form an anhydride when heated and baked. The hydroxyl group in the molecule and the hydrogen in the ortho position may also be further removed by the influence of heat and external environment to generate unsaturated acid (acrylic acid), and it may also remove water and CO2 to form itaconic acid. These unsaturated acids tend to make the cloth yellow, so it is best not to use citric acid as an acid agent for white cloth. The development of logo clothing depends on the accumulation of culture, ranging from the brand image, uniform style, store decoration, to the details of the neckline and cuffs. Only by integrating a unique culture and doing a thorough understanding can we open up a new path in the logo clothing industry , A firm foothold. In the daily consumer goods market, its consumption pattern has evolved from a low level to a high level, from simple and stable to complex and changeable. Products with special characteristics or unique characteristics gradually occupy the production line, and the indifferent market that requires a large number of production and consumption gradually gives way to the differentiated market based on market segmentation. The segmentation of the logo clothing market is also one of the important means for market researchers to face the market and develop the market. What are the ways to solve the yellowing of the logo suit? After reading the above article, I believe everyone can have a better understanding of this. Because the urban management logo suit must be worn frequently, it must be done daily Care of the cleaning work, so as to keep the uniformity of the clothes as much as possible.
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