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How to solve the problems existing in the management

by:XinXing     2020-09-24
As mentioned earlier, although there are more and more police equipment issued by grassroots police, there are some problems in the management of police equipment. So what are the corresponding countermeasures to solve these problems? The following Anhua police equipment will explain to you from three aspects:

1. Strengthen the awareness education of using police equipment
1. Strengthen the ideological education of the police, combine with the daily ideological and political education activities, so that the police consciously raise their awareness, stay vigilant at all times, overcome paralyzing thoughts, and enhance their self-protection awareness.
2. When performing tasks, leaders should take the lead in carrying necessary police equipment and other equipment according to regulations, and supervise and inspect the police equipment to ensure the safety of the police.
3. In the large-scale military training activities carried out each year, the skills of using police equipment are included in the training plan, and through intensive learning and training, the police's awareness of using police equipment is improved.

2. Strengthen the use and training of police equipment
After the police equipment is distributed to the grassroots units, the police should be organized to conduct training on the use of police equipment and daily maintenance knowledge to ensure that each policeman can use, inspect, maintain, and eliminate general faults to ensure that the equipment performance can be fully utilized , Protect the equipment from unnecessary damage, prolong its service life, and prevent the equipment from being damaged or injured because the police will not use police equipment.

3. Strengthen the management of grassroots police equipment
Strengthen the implementation of police equipment management rules and regulations, assign responsibilities to people, improve the approval procedures for the use, damage, and scrapping of equipment assets, conduct an annual inventory of the equipment of each unit, establish relevant accounts, and change personnel Relevant handover work shall be done at all times. When the work of the person in charge of each unit and department changes, implement the leaving audit system, improve the equipment supervision mechanism, and gradually institutionalize and standardize the equipment asset allocation and management.
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