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How to use and save stab-resistant clothing

by:XinXing     2020-06-27
Is the stab-resistant suit the same as the one we wear? Of course not. Today, Xinxing talks about how to use and save anti-stab suits. Summarized as follows, precautions for use and storage: 1. Wear stab-resistant clothing, the lower edge of the stab-resistant clothing should be close to the belt position, so as not to affect the performance of various actions; 2. When wearing, first fasten the two elastic buckles on the left and right of the back waist to the front belly, and then tighten the two left and right wings of the front chest of the stab-resistant clothing to the back waist, and then paste it accordingly; 3. The inner liner and jacket of the stab-resistant clothing can be separated. The inner liner is strictly forbidden to wash. The jacket can be washed by ordinary methods and allowed to dry; 4. The suitable temperature is -40℃-+50℃. Do not bake at high temperature after rain or moisture. It can be dried in a cool and ventilated place to avoid mildew; 5. During storage, the stab-resistant clothing is tiled, stacked, and cannot be folded. Pay attention to the dry storage environment.
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