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How to use riot helmet?

by:XinXing     2020-06-26
Riot helmets are a type of equipment that protects security personnel against blows to the head and face or other potential injuries (such as splashing corrosive chemical liquids) when performing official duties. How to use the riot helmet correctly? The shell is designed according to the standard shell shape of the riot helmet, and is made of PC alloy. It has light weight, high strength, beautiful appearance, smooth lines, good light transmittance of the mask lens, wide field of vision, comfortable to wear, reliable, easy to put on and off, etc. Security personnel protect themselves in the struggle to protect themselves. The methods of using anti-riot helmets are as follows: 1. The size of the user's head is different, and there are chin tows that can be adjusted according to the size of the head 2. First lift the mask lens toward the top of the head, and then use your fingers to pull the sides of the wearer, and pull them to the sides to expand the opening. 3. Tilt the riot helmet forward so that the forehead of the head is put into the helmet first, and then pulled down to make the helmet fully inserted. 4. After wearing the anti-riot helmet, shake the helmet back and forth, left and right to make the head comfortable, and then adjust the chin strap to the proper position, insert the buckle and connect it firmly. Then pull down the lens of the mask to make the waterproof rubber strip of the mask closely fit the forehead of the case. 5. When the anti-riot helmet is to be taken off, the towing strap will be untied. That is, press and hold the buckle on the wearer's finger and pull it apart to expand the wearer's opening and then take it off from the front. 6. Neck protection, removable, alloy snap, easy to install and remove.
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