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How to use single police equipment more efficiently

by:XinXing     2020-09-17
In the actual law enforcement process, most civilian police wear single police equipment, but they use very little, and they will know very little about the positive effects it plays in practical applications. The embarrassing situation of using, not wanting to use or even using it indiscriminately. The unused problems are mostly concentrated on the law enforcement recorders or police communication equipment with a certain technological content. This is a lack of learning and insufficient training; if you dare not use it, you have not mastered the laws and regulations. , I can’t determine which equipment should be used under which circumstances. When worrying about the adverse consequences, I would rather be injured than be punished for using single police equipment; there are many reasons for not wanting to use them, the first two The situation may be included, as well as the paralyzing thoughts caused by the belief that the single police equipment is heavy, or that they are not used for a long time. Among these problems, indiscriminate use is the most prone to serious adverse consequences. For example, in the handling of mass incidents and general public disputes, failure to use single police equipment carefully, irregular use or even illegal use, etc.

With the increasing complexity of the social security situation, police sacrifices and injuries frequently occur in the course of law enforcement. The provision of single police equipment is very necessary and timely. So, how can we increase the enthusiasm of the police to wear and use single-police equipment, regulate the use according to law, and maximize the advantages of single-police equipment?

First of all, judging from the response of the grassroots police, light, practical, and effective single police equipment is quite popular. Manufacturers of single-police equipment must combine the actual performance of the police in law enforcement, listen to the feedback of the grassroots police, and produce popular single-police equipment under the premise of ensuring quality.

Secondly, when public security organs at all levels organize the police to study and train individual police equipment, they must combine a large number of real cases of successful use of individual police equipment specifications, visualize, visualize, and specify the rules and regulations of the law, so that the police can In actual operation, it reduces fear and misunderstanding, and continuously improves the ability to control single police equipment.

Finally, the front-line police at the grassroots level must be soberly aware that when the law enforcement environment is not optimistic, wearing and using single police equipment in accordance with the law can not only protect themselves and the masses, but also effectively complete various law enforcement activities. Therefore, it is not only necessary to vigorously promote the cases where the single police equipment plays a positive role, but also the failed cases must be summarized as part of the teaching and training, and finally solve the problem that some civilian police can use, dare not use, do not want to use, or use single police equipment indiscriminately. The problem of using single police equipment to get out of the misunderstanding.
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