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How to use Storm Shield

by:XinXing     2020-06-21
When buying anti-riot shields, some customers have the question 'How to use anti-riot shields?' Today, Xinxing introduces you to anti-riot shields and how to use anti-riot shields. Riot shield is a defensive device used to push the opponent during the riot and protect yourself from weapons attacked by hard objects and unknown liquids. There are certain methods when using anti-riot shields, so how to use anti-riot shields correctly? How to use anti-riot shield When you get the anti-riot shield, you will find that there are grips and arm straps on the left and right ends of the back of the anti-riot shield. We generally use the left hand to pass through the arm strap and then grasp the grip. Remember to hold the handle firmly. ! Then raise the anti-riot shield to a certain height, which is enough to protect, and then the right hand can cooperate with some anti-riot equipment such as anti-riot steel fork, anti-riot stick, and swing stick to protect and resist.
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