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How to use the anti-riot shield correctly? Have

by:XinXing     2020-06-24
Riot shield is a defense tool used in law enforcement or schools, subways, high-speed railways, etc., used to push the other party during law enforcement, and protect yourself and the people behind you from being attacked by hard objects, sand, or unknown liquids. It can even resist bullets that are not very fast. In reality, the anti-riot shields used by special police and armed police are mainly anti-sticks and anti-knife. The most powerful weapons that can prevent them are stray bullets or impact shrapnel. If they are pistols, close-range shooting is easier to penetrate. Bulletproof shields are very heavy and not easy to lift, so the special police must treat different combat environments when using anti-riot shields and choose appropriate anti-riot shields. Anti-riot shields have certain methods when they are used. Only when used properly can they play a protective role. If they are used improperly, they will be counterproductive. How can the anti-riot shields be used correctly to maximize their protection? When using the anti-riot shield, you need to put the left arm in the lanyard. The hand needs to hold the handle tightly and place your finger where you can touch the switch button. When using an electric shock or strong light to launch a projectile, you need to turn on the corresponding switch first. When the work indicator is on, touch the switch button with your finger. After use, only need to close the safety switch, you can reset and stop. When using the launching device, you can insert the bullets that need to be used into the bottom of the launching cylinder, and then turn on the corresponding safety switch. When the work indicator is on, your finger can turn on the corresponding gun firing switch. The launch function of the projectile is now.
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