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How to Use the New Military Backpack to Take the

by:XinXing     2020-05-13
Although the land forces of contemporary military developed countries are dominated by mechanized troops, many times soldiers still need to carry all kinds of combat equipment and support supplies when carrying out combat, patrol or training tasks. Military backpacks are definitely a seemingly ordinary but indispensable equipment for soldiers. Although the land forces of modern military developed countries are mainly mechanized troops, many times soldiers still carry out combat, patrol or training tasks. It is necessary to carry all kinds of combat equipment and support supplies with you. From the perspective of the US military ’s modern warfare, the types and number of items carried by its soldiers have continued to increase, and the weight can exceed 50Kg. Strength and high durability, thus ensuring the reliability of military carrying equipment in harsh and complex environments. According to reports, at present, the foreign military carry-on fabrics are mainly high-strength nylon filament fabrics, the fiber strength exceeds 7cN / dtex, the main bag fabrics mostly use 1000D specifications, and the tensile strength exceeds 3000N. In addition to high tear strength and high abrasion resistance, it also has multiple functions such as camouflage, waterproofing, and oil stain resistance. Since the 1990s, our army has made great achievements in the functional finishing of portable fabrics. Progress has been made, but the use of materials is still dominated by polyester staple fibers and ordinary polyester filaments. There is still a certain gap between the fabrics and foreign military equipment in key indicators such as strength, tear resistance, and wear resistance. High strength and low price The high-strength wear-resistant luggage fabric developed by engineers Li Yan, Qiu Yuehua, Senior Engineers Zhang Xudong, and Shi Meiwu of the General Military Equipment Research Institute is made of domestic high-strength polyester industrial yarn. It is developed through air-variation processing and optimized weaving, dyeing, finishing, and coating processes A new type of military carrying equipment fabric with outstanding high-strength wear-resistant characteristics, versatility, and overall indicators reaching the level of the US military's existing equipment, its results can be promoted and applied to the field of civilian luggage, and domestic portable luggage bags have stepped on the high-end high-end grade the road. 'In the past 10 years, China's fiber industry has been adjusted and upgraded, and the industrialization of high-performance fibers has been fruitful. However, at the application level, product development with high-strength fibers as the main material has not been fully launched, especially in the field of military equipment applications.' Li Yan said. So, how to choose the raw material of high-strength wear-resistant fabric and how to determine the structure of the fabric? 'The development goal of the new fabric is to select high-strength fibers that have been industrially produced in China as raw materials, combined with a reasonable weaving and dyeing process to produce portable fabrics with high-strength wear resistance, good appearance and sewing performance.' Shimei Wu said that at present, domestically-developed high-strength fibers include ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers, high-strength polyester, and high-strength nylon. Among them, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers have the best strength indicators and wear resistance, but their prices are high. Poor temperature resistance and difficulty in dyeing and finishing have restricted its use on ordinary fabrics. Fibers such as high-strength polyester industrial yarn, high-strength nylon and high-strength vinylon also have high strength and are affordable for dyeing and finishing. In terms of fabric structure design, considering the uncertainty of the direction of the destructive force that the carrying fabric is subjected to during actual use, it is advisable to adopt a design with similar warp and weft structures and performance, and comprehensively balance the fabric's tightness requirements, cloth style, After processing performance, processing efficiency and other factors, the researchers determined that a plain weave or square weave with similar warp and weft densities is a suitable tissue form. Zhang Xudong introduced the specific process: 'Since the aerodynamic process requires the fineness of the monofilament, after determining the aerodynamic process, we redesigned the specifications of the high-strength polyester filament from the raw materials, and the spinning process and The spinning oil has been optimized, and through comparison with the pre-production trials, the high-strength polyester FDY with a specification of 920dtex / 192f has been customized. Its monofilament fineness is not greater than 5dtex, and its strength index is not less than 7.5cN / dtex. ' Into the dyeing and finishing process, the high-strength polyester industrial yarn undergoes air-variation treatment, which improves the dyeing and finishing performance of the fabric to a certain extent, but the slip resistance between the fabric yarns is still small, and problems such as weft and splitting are prone to occur. At the beginning of the dyeing and finishing process, it is necessary to ensure that the grey fabric is turned firmly and the seam head is straight and even. In order to ensure that the military carries a good waterproof effect, the R & D team coats and waterproofs the fabric. The process of coating first and then waterproofing can be used to improve the adhesion of the coating to the fabric by the penetration of the coating glue inside the fabric fiber The knot strength and the improvement of the wear resistance of the fabric also show certain advantages in comparison with the performance of similar fabrics. Both military and civilian are beneficial By comparing the research team, it was concluded that the new military carrying fabrics surpassed our army ’s original carrying fabrics in terms of physical indicators. Compared with the US military ’s current equipment, the new fabrics are basically equivalent in strength indicators and slightly lighter in weight. This difference It is compatible with the load standards of the individual soldiers of the Chinese and American armed forces, and can meet the reliability requirements of the fabric in the carrying task. In the wear resistance index, the new military carrying equipment fabrics exceed a lot, but the hydrostatic resistance index still has a gap. . In addition, the color fastness to washing, abrasion and brushing of the new military carrier fabrics generally reaches 4 to 5 grades, and the light fastness to 6 grades, which fully meets the strict requirements of military products. 'Through the actual use performance verification experiment of the fabric, we found that the new military carrying equipment made of high-strength polyester industrial yarn ATY was used in a series of extreme reliability tests such as the towing test of the load, the drop test of the high building, and the barbed hook test. , Its resistance performance is significantly better than the original carrying equipment, and the comprehensive service life is increased by more than 2 times. 'Qiu Yuehua further introduced. The development of new military carrying fabrics is a beneficial attempt to push domestic high-performance polyester fibers and other industrial high-performance fibers into the field of traditional military and civilian textiles. The use of new fabrics and equipment for our military carrying equipment and hood covers The level of equipment development is not a small promotion. 'The key to the successful development of a high-performance fabric is to start from the source of high-performance fibers, and coordinate and comprehensively consider the four key links of spinning, weaving, dyeing and the whole, so as to fully improve the processing performance and use of the product. Performance. 'Through the research and development of new fabrics, the R & D team is deeply touched by the importance of collaboration in the industrial chain.
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