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How to wear a stab-resistant vest?

by:XinXing     2020-06-28
The stab-resistant vest is clothing that protects against injuries such as bayonet cuts. It is the basic equipment necessary for police officers when they come out of the police. It is also the most common protective equipment among police officers. Companies, property companies, etc., these will be equipped to relevant personnel, but this is the life-saving equipment at a critical moment, then someone will ask: This stab-resistant vest is so powerful, how to wear it? Is it complicated? Don't look at the stab-resistant vest is very powerful, but the wearing method is particularly simple, only a few steps are needed. Of course, whether it is an autumn and winter stab vest or a summer stab vest, the wearing method is the same! 1. Open the package and remove the stab-resistant vest from the matching bag 2. The stab-resistant vest has front and back, the neckline is curved in front, and then tear off the velcro at the front and lower clothing. 3. After tearing, put on a stab-resistant vest with a hedging method, and then adjust the velcro on the shoulders and abdomen to adjust the tightness according to the fat, thin, and different heights. Then fix the velcro on the left and right. Remember not to be too tight or too loose, too tight will make your body movements a little hindered, too loose, and can not play a good anti-stab effect.
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