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by:XinXing     2020-09-02
What is GORE-TEX fabric    GORE-TEX fabric is the world's first and the highest quality waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric so far. The magic of GORE-TEX fabric lies in the white film-GORE-TEX film made by GORE patented technology. This film is composed of 9 billion small holes per square centimeter. These small holes are 20,000 times smaller than water molecules and 700 times larger than steam molecules. At the same time, they are irregularly arranged. Therefore, the GORE-TEX fabric can make the human body naturally excrete sweat. Qi can also prevent rain, snow and cold wind from entering the human body, so it is known as the 'second skin of the human body.'

 The history of GORE-TEX   As early as 1969, GORE-TEX fabrics made important contributions to Armstrong when he first landed on the moon in human history. From Mount Everest to the Antarctic, in any corner of the earth, whenever humans challenge the extreme environment, GORE-TEX products can be seen. Over the years, in the fields of adventure and challenge, sports and leisure, the excellent performance of GORE-TEX fabrics has been proven by people in more than 80 countries around the world.  ・From the first time the Apollo spacecraft landed on the moon in 1969, astronauts began to wear spacesuits made of GORE-TEX fibers.  ・Since 1979, in major expeditions around the world, GORE-TEX fabric has been unanimously selected as the fabric used in jackets and other equipment.  ・Due to the outstanding contribution of GORE-TEX products to human society, the US 'Fortune' magazine lists GORE-TEX products as one of the 100 best American products in the world.

 The three major functions of GORE-TEX   Waterproof  When the body is wetted by rain and snow, it will seriously lose body temperature and make us feel cold; therefore, outdoor clothing must first be waterproof. As the GORE-TEX membrane has an average of 9 billion small holes per square centimeter that are 20,000 times smaller than water molecules, making rainwater impermeable, GORE-TEX outdoor clothing is absolutely waterproof.   Breathable    The human body is constantly wicking perspiration. If sweat accumulates in the clothes and condenses into sweat, the damp sweat will make the body lose temperature, so we will feel cold; therefore, we need to wear breathable clothes to allow sweat to evaporate easily and avoid accumulation of moisture. The pores of each GORE-TEX film are 700 times larger than water vapor molecules. Human sweat can easily evaporate through the film, keeping the body comfortable and dry.  防风   Wind will make our body temperature drop, so we need clothes with windproof function to maintain body temperature. The pores on the surface of the GORE-TEX film are extremely small, forming an excellent windproof effect, so it can block the penetration of cold wind and maintain a proper body temperature.

  The difference between the two-layer GORE-TEX fabric and the three-layer fabric  The two-layer fabric is composed of the surface fabric and the two-layer GORE-TEX film bonded together. When using the two-layer fabric to make the garment, use the lining. The three-layer fabric is composed of three layers of surface fabric, GORE-TEX film, and inner lining, so no additional lining is needed when making clothes. Whether it is a two-layer or three-layer GORE-TEX fabric, it is waterproof, windproof and breathable.

   GORE-TEX XCR fabric     super breathability, wicking function increased by 25%. Compared with ordinary GORE-TEX clothing, clothing made of GORE-TEX XCR fabric has a further 25% increase in air permeability. The garment made of GORE-TEX XCR fabric can reduce the accumulation of sweat inside the garment to a greater extent and is more breathable. And all have passed the GORE simulated harsh weather test, keeping them dry and comfortable to wear.

GORE-TEX PACLITE fabric is ultra-light and more convenient to carry. The film pattern in GORE-TEX PACLITE fabric is unique and easy to fold. The finished garment does not require additional lining, which is lighter and smaller than ordinary GORE-TEX garments. More convenient to carry. It is a product specially designed for people who need light and fast exercise.

 GORE-TEX clothing care guide  It is very important to wash GORE-TEX clothing regularly. Don't forget to check the care label before washing to ensure that the washing is done in the correct way. Machine washing: machine washing with 40 degrees warm water and an appropriate amount of washing powder. It is recommended to use detergent, because it less affects the water resistance of the clothes surface. You can also use liquid soap for washing. Do not use bleach or softener: you can use a stain remover to remove stains from clothing injuries before washing. The earlier you remove the stains, the better. Also make sure to rinse the garments clean after washing.   Drying: Set the temperature to 55 degrees to dry the clothes. The heat of the dryer helps restore the water resistance of the cloth surface.   Ironing: Low-temperature steam ironing can also achieve a similar drying effect.  Dry cleaning: If the GORE-TEX clothing is worn for a long time, it is dirty, sweat and stains, you can choose dry cleaning. Occasional dry cleaning will not damage the GORE-TEX film and can thoroughly clean clothes.   When the GORE-TEX garment is dirty and saturated with sweat, it must be cleaned before storage.  Do not store in direct sunlight.   When sitting or lying down wearing GORE-TEX clothing, check the ground conditions to prevent the clothing from being hooked.   Salt water will not affect the performance of GORE-TEX fabrics, just wash and dry with water.

  GORE-TEX shoe care guide   The following care guide applies to all outdoor shoes, especially suitable for hiking and mountaineering shoes worn under extreme conditions.  * After each wearing, take out the insole, loosen the laces, and let the shoes dry naturally. If the shoes are very wet, fill them with newspaper or shoe supports.

  * For dirty GORE-TEX shoes, use a brush to clean them first. For non-leather shoes (such as nylon), just use a sponge with warm water to clean. Treat non-leather shoes with water repellent after they are dry.

  * All shoes must be dried at room temperature. Do not put shoes near a heat source or expose them to sunlight. Leather is easily burned, deformed, bent, dried and burst.

  * Do not store dry shoes in a damp space-because leather is a natural product and is prone to mold.

  * Please use shoe care products regularly! ――Maintain leather and restore surface water resistance.

  * Rubbing oil on the tongue department can prevent the leather from making noise, rubbing oil on metal parts can prevent them from oxidation and rust.

  * If the GORE-TEX shoes are not maintained and treated with water resistance, the waterproof and breathability of the GORE-TEX membrane will not be damaged, but it will affect the breathability, durability and comfort of the entire pair of shoes.
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