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Is it illegal to buy body armor in China?

by:XinXing     2020-09-13
The body armor seems to be a little far away from our ordinary people. Many customers have consulted us to buy some defense weapons, including body armor! Some offensive products will never be sold to individuals. What about body armor? Is it illegal to buy body armor? Not only in China, I believe that people in need from various countries will have this question. The following Anhua police equipment will take you to understand the regulations of various countries on body armor:

Thailand: It is illegal to carry bulletproof equipment
Thailand enacted the 'Weapons Control Law' in 1987. Article 4 of the definition of 'weapons' includes weapons, weapon accessories, biochemical substances, radioactive substances and equipment that may be used in combat. According to regulations, gas masks and bulletproof vests And helmets are defined as weapons.
Article 15 Paragraph 1 of the 'Weapons Control Law' stipulates that no weapons may be ordered, imported, produced or processed without the authorization of the Deputy Minister of National Defense; Article 42 stipulates that those who violate Article 15 Paragraph 1 may ' 'Illegal carrying of military equipment' was prosecuted and sentenced to imprisonment not exceeding five years or a fine not exceeding 50,000 baht, or both imprisonment and fine.

Singapore: Body armor is an entry-controlled product
According to the entry regulations of Singapore Customs, bulletproof vests, gunpowder, toy guns, pistols and other weapons, non-blank audio tapes and video tapes, newspapers, books, magazines, drugs and drugs, radio and communication equipment, toy radios and other items are listed as entry. 'Controlled and restricted goods', entry must have a rotation permit or a permit certificate from the relevant unit.

United Kingdom: Not allowed
In the British Customs entry regulations, body armor, along with gunpowder, explosives, pistols and other offensive weapons, are listed as 'non-carryable items.'

United States: Restrict purchases
In the United States, most people can buy guns, but there are many restrictions on buying body armor. Generally, only law enforcement officers can equip them. US law stipulates that it is possible to purchase light body armor, but it is illegal to buy heavy body armor. The authorities believe that body armor will seriously affect the police's law enforcement ability and further pose a threat to police safety. California has a law that prohibits inmates convicted of a felony from buying and possessing body armor, and offenders can be prosecuted.

Brazil: no restrictions
Brazil has no regulations restricting the entry of body armor, because some cities in Brazil have poor public security. Some tourists or fans will wear body armor when they go to Brazil. Fans once posted pictures of themselves wearing body armor to watch football. Some foreign reporters went there. Brazil also wears body armor and helmets during interviews.

China: no restrictions
According to the 'Restricted Entry and Exit Items List of the People's Republic of China', various weapons, simulated weapons, ammunition and explosives are prohibited from entering the country. Body armor does not have attack power. It is a protective device in China, not a weapon, so it is not restricted Entry.

The regulations of different countries are different, so when you want to buy products such as body armor, you must first study the relevant laws of each country. Don't accidentally violate the law and don't know it!
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