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Is there any essential difference between SWAT and SWAT?

by:XinXing     2020-09-12
Each unit has many positions, and each position has a detailed division of labor. The police is no exception. Let’s talk about special police today! They are also special police officers. What is the difference between the special police and the special police patrol this time?

1. The scope is different
Special police include special police of the armed police force and special police of the public security system. Public security special police are divided into: riot police, automatic firearms patrol (ie 'patrol special police') and SWAT (traditional 'commando') and so on.

2. Different responsibilities and tasks
The duties of the special police include: anti-terrorism, handling vicious criminal crimes, guns and explosions and other major public security cases. The job of the special police patrol is to patrol the workplace with guns and arrive at the scene of the crime as soon as the '110' alarm call is connected.

Three, different weapons
They are also special police equipment, and the weapon types and power of the special police are obviously better than those of the special police.

Four, different units
The special police may belong to the public security system or the armed police system, but the special police patrol must belong to the public security system.

Generally speaking, special police patrols are a kind of special police, and the scope of special police is wider, but they all use powerful special police equipment to protect the safety of the country and the people!
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