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Life As An Army Spouse

by:XinXing     2020-10-02

If you are an army spouse, whether you have been living this way for years and years or you are completely new to this lifestyle, managing the time apart as well as the time together is a fine balance.

The good side of army life can be fantastic and the bad side can be trying. There may be extra concerns or things to take care of, like military insurance, or a disruptive home life, but as an army spouse, you'll soon get used to it with all the support around.

For some, this lifestyle is too hard and friends and family think it must be horrible. Having to think about armed forces insurance or how to cope with the kids on your own can be daunting. But there are actually many benefits to this lifestyle for both partners and their families. It is not all doom and gloom and often the life of an army spouse is incredibly fulfilling, as they concentrate on themselves a lot more and are often incredibly supportive towards their spouse. The spouse is often equally grateful for the support and when they are at home, the relationship can really blossom and grow stronger. This combination can lead to a satisfying relationship and a happy home life.

Army spouses are often close friends with each other and a tight-knit community can grow around having common issues, goals, lifestyles and challenges. There will be good days and then there will be bad days, but this is normal life for any average woman, not just an army wife. Obviously life as an army wife will not last forever, not in the same form, at any rate. The career of your partner will change over the years, and only you two will know what the future holds in terms of active service, and whether the army is the long-term career choice. Most army spouses feel very strongly about what their partner is doing, and pride seems to be the overriding emotion, rather than depression.

If you do not have children, then your life can be very much about you during the times your spouse is in training or away. Many army spouses do further education, or take an active role in their communities. There may be lots of other benefits too, such as lots of time together when your spouse is home. If you do have kids, then there is a lot of support around, and if your children interact with other army kids they will see it is all okay and quite normal. Schools in army barrack areas are well equipped to deal with the ups and downs of army life and understand how to care for children of these families.

In terms of living arrangements there are a few options. If your partner is deployed and you stay around the duty station, then you have lots of people around you all going through the same things. The support can be invaluable and it is less disruption for you and any children in the family. However, moving back home offers you the chance to be around your family and long time friends who know you better than anyone. Their companionship and support will get you through, but they may not understand what it is actually like for you and your partner and therefore you might find some issues there. Ultimately it is up to you and you have to do what is best for you and your family.

Wherever you are, your friends will help you out with the kids, and keep you busy and therefore the time will fly by. If you stay around the army community then they can also assist you when more specific things come up, such as looking for military insurance or armed forces travel insurance.

If you move a lot due to your spouse's postings and training then each new community is usually welcoming and the support is there if you ask for it. This comes in handy for your own sanity, sense of belonging and for family life. Arranging armed forces insurance also helps to put your mind at rest. It is certainly worth looking up any official as well as unofficial support networks in your area, and equally well worth making the most of your army life while it lasts.

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