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M-65----The most classic US military combat windbreaker

by:XinXing     2020-09-02
Alpha Industries, which was established in 1959, has now become the largest supplier of flight jackets and military windbreakers to the US military. Many innovations in the design and production of U.S. Air Force jackets originated from Alpha's design and production team. Today, AlphaIndustries is the world's leading flight equipment brand and is trusted by people.   In 1965, the M-65 battlefield trench coat was born. For 30 years, the M-65 has become one of the standard equipment of the US infantry. Today's M-65 uses high-tech fabrics and designs, making it a comfortable and reliable military coat in any weather. M-65 is designed with a double-use button/zipper placket, so that the soldiers will not have any inconveniences such as dragging or pulling when wearing. 1. Concealed hood;   2, the front placket has a heavy-duty brass zipper and snap button double closing device;   3, waist, hood and hem are all equipped with drawstrings, which can be tightened;   4, reserved buttons, can be fitted with inner lining; 5. Box chest pocket;   6. Outer pocket with snap button flap;   7. Long shoulder buckle, convenient for straps, gun belts and other activities;   8. Cuffs with Velcro buckles, which can fix the glove edge to ensure completeness Protect your hands;   9, satin windshield outer layer (50% cotton, 50% nylon cotton), the maximum cracking force is 225 pounds;   10, light rain will not immerse;   11, a total of 139 sewing processes Color: olive green, brown, Gray, blue, black, khaki yellow forest camouflage, desert camouflage, tiger pattern camouflage, urban camouflage.
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