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Military collection value

by:XinXing     2020-08-30
Military uniforms, badges, binoculars, etc., these relatively partial collections heat up in August each year. Although the collection of military products is still unpopular, and the collectors are mixed and scattered, some senior collectors say that the value of military collections has been rising in recent years. '10 times in 10 years is no problem.' Insiders think so.

Mr. Zeng is an experienced military product collector who has been involved in military product collection for more than ten years. Mr. Zeng said that his father was a soldier and had participated in many battles such as the War of Resistance Against Japan, the War of Liberation, and the suppression of bandits in Yunnan. There is no shortage of military supplies at home, so he gradually became interested in military collections.

Although military collections are unpopular, there are many types, including glamorous collections such as badges and binoculars, as well as inconspicuous objects such as military teapots, certificates, and buttons. Military collections are divided into pure blood and non-blood. The former focuses on the collection of military products that have been in service, while the latter is not so particular. Industry insiders explained that in terms of collection value, military products that have served in service must be higher than new products directly from military factories. The industry reminds that newcomers can start with small objects and low-priced collections. Only by mastering the relevant knowledge behind military products can you truly become one of them.

Can I play collection if I don’t have enough funds? How to play collection after 80s? Jin Yao has become famous in the circle, and his collection is very special, all of which are military supplies. Military map tubes, military kettles, German helmets, military radios, artillery ball rangefinders, old-style military uniforms... He said that the collection of documents in military collections is more precious, and he only has dozens of them, but some rigid military collections have hundreds of There are so many pieces, many of them are wrapped in greased paper and immersed in oil after they are bought, and they may not be opened for a lifetime when they are not used.

Although the collection of military products is still unpopular and the collectors are mixed and scattered, some senior collectors say that the value of military collections has been rising in recent years. '10 times in 10 years is no problem.' Insiders think so.

Military collection 'harder than softer'

On the morning of the 18th, in a book bar in Zhengyifang, sunlight poured in from the floor-to-ceiling windows. From the transparent wrapping paper, Jin Mao carefully opened a black-skinned old photo album, his face a little heavy.

This is a photo album of the life of the Japanese invaders in China. He pointed to the black and white photos and said: 'This is a group photo of the Japanese army in China at that time. And this is a photo of the Japanese army's family members, and this is a photo of the Japanese army riding a horse.'

Jin Yao introduced that most of the collectors of military products are lovers of military history. He used a radio and a rangefinder for this album in exchange for other collectors.

Military collections are mainly divided into optical equipment, equipment, documents, etc. Among them, the collection of optical equipment is the most expensive. Optical equipment reflects the current state-of-the-art science level. For example, it is said that 'three generations of SLRs are poor'. One can imagine how much SLRs with historical value are worth. The equipment category can reflect the inferred combat level at that time; the documentary collections mostly refer to photographs, archives, military maps, conscription advertisements of the year, newspapers, etc.

Golden anchor said that the value of collections can be measured from four aspects (historicality, scarcity, popularity, and appearance). Historically, military collections should be available, but the preservation of paper products (documents) is relatively difficult, and the remaining amount is small, and ordinary people can easily understand its meaning and value from the text, so military collections 'Hard is not as good as soft'.

He has become a 'master' in the military collection circle

Jin Mao was an 'veteran' when he talked about military collections. He said that he started playing military collections in junior high school. I can't remember exactly how he liked it. , But after he became a doctor for a long time, he is now the 'master' that friends in the circle are eager to invite to check.

'Take the document collection as an example. I can judge from the age of the paper, the traces of ink, the degree of yellowing of the paper, and the wet and dry marks left during the preservation process.' Jin Mao said that military collections are relative to artworks. In terms of collection, the price is relatively cheap, which is why many young people get involved, even as low as a few tens of yuan can be purchased. Almost all of the military collections that I know are born in the 80s and 90s. The military collection is the most bloody and masculine collection of all collections.
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