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Military helmets made in China: the patron saint

by:XinXing     2020-05-27
According to statistics, most of the trauma that causes soldiers to die on the battlefield comes from the head. The head is also a part of the body that has a high chance of being shot. Usually, the main killers on the battlefield are bullets and shrapnel. Since the British first adopted modern steel helmets in World War I, the development of military helmets has gone through several generations. At present, all countries mainly use protective helmets made of Kevlar and other aramid composite materials, and some still use traditional steel helmets. The more famous ones are American PASGT helmets. Numerous helmets appeared at the Beijing International Military Logistics Equipment Technology Exhibition, most of which were produced in China. These new helmets are generally designed with advanced material technology and ergonomic principles, optimized for the characteristics of different military services, and products It is not only equipped with the Chinese army, but also sold to countries all over the world. At the exhibition, the reporter saw that soldiers from many countries showed great interest in domestic helmets. It is understood that the helmets of many countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia are exported from China. It seems that more and more soldiers in the world will gradually be under the protection of Chinese helmets.
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