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Military night vision devices make the night daylight

by:XinXing     2020-05-21
In the film 'Hunting bin Laden', in addition to the Black Hawk helicopter, another impressive thing is the four-eye night vision that is very sci-fi. This night vision device is called the ground panoramic night vision system (GPNVG-18), which is a head-mounted night vision equipment. The 'superior' of GPNVG-18 lies in the extra single lens extended on both sides, which can provide soldiers with a 120 ° viewing angle range, far exceeding the 45 ° angle of view of traditional night vision devices, which is close to the ordinary human eye's viewing angle Scope, which means that soldiers have better perception in complex battlefield environments and can quickly clear the enemy with almost no dead ends. In addition, two separate single eye lenses can also be separated from the system to become a solid handheld monocular night vision goggles. The use of night vision technology in military affairs can be traced back to the late World War II at the earliest. In order to meet the needs of war, Germany successfully developed an active infrared night vision device in 1944, which provided convenience for night combat. Due to the defeat of the Germans, a large number of infrared night vision equipment was seized by the Soviet Union, and the United States obtained most of the research data. Later, the US military successfully developed an active infrared night vision device and used it in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Due to the large energy consumption, the shortcomings that are easily exposed, and the small number of equipment, it was gradually eliminated by the US military. In order to make up for the defects of the active infrared night vision device, in 1962, the Americans successfully developed an image intensifier, which made a leap in the development of night vision equipment. During the Vietnam War, the United States used cascade image enhancement technology to put into actual combat applications and successfully developed the first generation of low-light night vision devices. Following infrared night vision and low-light night vision, a thermal imager that uses the target's own infrared radiation for observation has been successfully developed and put into use. In the 1980s, the US military regarded night vision equipment as a high-tech weapon, and the total investment in the development of night vision equipment in the past 10 years was as high as US $ 7-8 billion. What is the charm of night vision equipment, so that the United States will not hesitate to spend a lot of money on research and development? Due to the particularity of night vision technology, combat troops can break through the obstacles of night and gain the freedom of night warfare. The installation of night vision equipment in tanks, ships, aircraft and other equipment has greatly extended the effective combat time. During the Gulf War air raids, most of the attacks were launched at night. During the ground combat phase, multinational troops also rely on the advantages of night vision equipment to launch frequent attacks at night. The combination of night vision technology and weaponry will further improve the effectiveness of weapons and equipment in acquiring information, conducting strikes, and cooperating in night and severe weather conditions. At present, the US military is in the world's leading position in the field of night vision equipment. In addition to the four-eye night vision device, the US military has also developed a third-generation enhanced night vision device. The night vision device relies on wireless data transmission technology to enable US soldiers to shoot directly at targets behind them without looking back. In addition, the US Army ’s Color Path night vision also makes soldiers look like daylight during night battles. The degree of clarity and even the camouflage patterns on the clothes are faintly discernible. The 'Alpha-1962' night vision aiming system developed by Russia can help soldiers solve a series of problems that may be encountered when performing night sniper missions in the wild. The British-designed one-eye night vision goggles attached to the helmet allows users to 'see all directions' and find enemies hidden in dead corners without using probes or turning their heads.
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