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Military training shoes are too large or too small

by:XinXing     2020-05-01
Military training schools generally wear uniforms and uniformly wear camouflage 'liberation shoes' issued by schools, so are military training shoes larger or smaller? How to choose the size of military training shoes? Let's take a look with Aixiumei editor! Are military training shoes too big or too small? Military training shoes are generally oversized, usually about one yard larger. Before the specific military training, when you send shoes to your school, you report the size. If it is not suitable, you can change it again, which is very convenient. Military training is to strengthen our will from an early age, let us know that we must persevere when we are no longer suffering. It is also very important for us to choose a pair of shoes suitable for ourselves during military training, because it is related to the comfort level of everyone. It is always impossible to wear some soles that are too hard, too thin, etc. How to choose the size of military training shoes The size of military training shoes is usually one yard larger, and it is better to choose one size smaller than your usual shoe size. The comfort of shoes is very important for our feet. If the shoes are not suitable for purchase, it is likely to cause injuries when doing some sports. We do not want to have a problem with our feet, as this will make us lose the opportunity to exercise ourselves. The quality of military training clothing is generally poor, especially shoes, thinking that you want to stand in a military position, so the comfort of shoes is very important, but the soles of the shoes are very thin, so you need to buy insoles. Thick points do n’t matter. Some people Using sanitary napkins, haha, comfort is enough. Then there is the sunscreen, it is best to apply it once at rest. Paper towels are not allowed to move casually during military training, so I will introduce my method to you, fold the toilet paper into a rectangle, and put it under the bangs if you have bangs That is, wearing a military cap on the forehead and covering the tissue, so that the tissue can not be seen, it can prevent sweat from flowing down. The sweat is itchy, and the second is uncomfortable in the glasses. People with myopia should wear contact lenses. During military training, water is necessary, drink plenty of water, and bring a Huoxiang Zhengqi Liquid with you.
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