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Military uniform fashion 'camouflage' flying

by:XinXing     2020-06-19
Military camouflage refers to the use of paints, dyes, and other materials, and the use of green, brown, black, yellow, and other colors to form irregular patterns on certain materials. These patterns are most related to the environment of forests, grasslands, and deserts. Consistent. Because of its magical hiding effect, it is widely used in the military, and its invention also comes from war. During the Soviet Patriotic War, Nazi Germany planned to bomb Leningrad indiscriminately and destroy its military facilities. The situation is very tense. One day, Pu Ning, the deputy commander of the Air Defense Division, was inspecting the front line position. He was very anxious because he learned from intelligence reconnaissance that the Nazis had transferred all nearby aircraft and vowed to blow up Leningrad. A few days ago, the air defense forces were caught off guard by several tentative bombings by Nazi aircraft. They strongly believe that the current air defense equipment is simply not an opponent of the Nazis. If there were planes in the Nazi one-time police station, Leningrad would be razed to the ground. All officers and men of the air defense forces in this area are generally full of pessimism. Puning’s troops were on a Yuan Ye, the first air defense line in Leningrad City. Despite the green grass and flowers everywhere, the soldiers knew there were no obstacles here. They just fold some branches to block the air defense artillery, which is like a trap. The Nazis will definitely wipe them out first. In addition to inspecting fortifications and encouraging soldiers, Puning’s visit also had a special mission. His granddaughter asked him to catch some butterflies for her. A few days ago, the Nazi exploratory bombing destroyed their school. That day, his granddaughter was in class. The teacher is explaining how to make a specimen, but before the get out of class, the Nazi plane came and bombed. The teacher asked the students to learn how to make specimens at home and show them to everyone when the Nazis were expelled and resumed. Camouflage tank Puning's mood is complicated. He felt this was his last work for his beloved granddaughter. He hopes to sacrifice for the motherland like all soldiers. Therefore, he decided to find some of the best butterflies for his granddaughter. After inspecting the position, he came alone to Yuan Ye with blooming flowers. There are many butterflies here, flying in the flowers, dazzling. Suddenly, Puning saw a large butterfly and immediately chased him. But the butterfly is dead. Just now he could clearly see that it would disappear. After a long effort, he couldn't find it. In the end, he had to stir the flowers around him with a stick. The butterfly flew back after being frightened. Puning then found that not far from his side... When Puning finally caught the butterfly, he was very happy. He carefully put it into the bottle and observed carefully. He found that the butterfly's wings were almost the same color around it. No wonder he didn't find it. He couldn't help sighing. Suddenly, Pu Ning's eyes brightened, and his heart was filled with joy. If our guns match the surrounding background, the Nazi aircraft will not find us. I thought of a plan. He decided not to send the butterfly to his granddaughter for the time being, but to send it directly to Swanwich's house. Special forces camouflage Schwarzenegger is an entomologist, especially on butterflies. Puning gave the butterfly to Swanwich and told him what he thought. Schwarzenegger applauded. At first, Puning believed that Nazi aircraft were not invincible, and Soviet anti-aircraft artillery could shoot them down, but the main problem now is that anti-aircraft artillery is too sudden to be discovered and easy to destroy, so every air defense operation suffers. Puning decided to let Swanwich design a cloth based on the color of the butterfly, and then put it on the anti-aircraft gun, which would be the same as the surrounding background, so the Nazi pilots would find them very difficult in the air. This matter is urgent. Swanevich immediately invested in research, referring to the color and composition of the butterfly wing pattern, combined with the topographic structure and surface vegetation of the Puning Army position. Two days later, according to Puning’s requirements, he designed a cloth and designed the topography on the cloth. The corresponding multi-colored spots were stained with a color pattern similar to the background... Two days later, it was put into Puning's hands. Puning was very happy, he immediately ordered all guns to be covered with this cloth. This move proved very effective. The pilots of the Nazi aircraft were kept in the dark when they flew to the Puning position. They were unable to determine the exact location of the target, nor were they able to find the artillery unit originally planned to attack. Instead, they became live targets and had to drop a few bombs at random to rush home. Puning was very happy and won the first battle. He reported the situation immediately and was quickly recognized. Since then, the military has begun mass production of this fabric based on local background characteristics. Not only did all artillery wear such 'clothes,' hundreds of Leningrad military targets also wore magical 'invisible cloaks.' In the end, despite the best efforts of the Germans, Leningrad’s military base remained safe and sound, laying a solid foundation for winning the final victory. Later, the military named this cloth camouflage cloth. Military camouflage has rapidly spread on the battlefield and has become an indispensable military item for battlefield camouflage.
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