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National flag+ Mauritania

National flag+ Mauritania

Product: national flages

End user: Ministry of Defence of Mauritania

Customer’s country: Mauritania

Customer from: Official website

Product quantity: more than 10 models of flags, total more than 50000 pcs

Project value: 200,000.00 per year


The Middleman from Mauritania found our contact info from our official website in 2015 and visit our office with their own samples.The client required to produce according to their samples and that our products could reach the high stantard of color fastness under high sunlight intensity in Africa. As the client spoke highly of our product quality, excellent service, and professional work, the client confirmed the order quickly. From 2015, we have repeat orders each year. Our products are used for national day military parade of Mauritania in November each year and they are auso exhibied all over the area of Ministry of Defense of Mauritania.

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