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Netizens are unexpectedly exploring the mystery

by:XinXing     2020-09-23
Body armor is a military uniform that can prevent bullets and shell fragments from penetrating in the rain of bullets. I believe many people are thinking about a question. What is the difference between body armor and ordinary clothes? What is the material inside? Why can it be bulletproof?

The development of the internal materials of the body armor has gone through a very long process. The early ones were made of steel plates, such as alloy steel, glass steel, etc., and the varieties were particularly diverse. However, after long-term development, the internal material of the body armor has been converted into relatively soft bulletproof materials such as nylon, silicon carbide and Kevlar, which have gradually replaced steel materials. Nylon is a soft bulletproof material, using multiple layers of high-strength nylon cloth, which can effectively defend pistol bullets and submachine gun bullets, and is lighter in weight; silicon carbide fiber is an inorganic fiber that has a particularly high elastic modulus and will tear when impacted. It absorbs the energy of the shrapnel and weakens the damage of the shrapnel to the human body. Kevlar fiber has high temperature resistance, high strength and high modulus, and its strength is 5 times that of steel. The bulletproof vest made of this material has better bulletproof effect and is more comfortable to wear. When a bullet or shrapnel hits the Kevlar layer, its high strength blocks the bullet, and the fiber itself is deformed by force, consuming the kinetic energy of the bullet or shrapnel, thereby protecting the safety of the wearer.

Recently, an American netizen bought a conventional body armor. After shooting it with a gun, it was confirmed that it had not penetrated, so he cut open and looked at the material inside with great interest. After cutting with a cutting machine at high speed for 1 minute, I finally saw the internal material. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be dozens of layers of Kevlar fiber, and the part he hit in advance was only a notch. Not even the first layer penetrated.
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