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New life-saving equipment for water single police

by:XinXing     2020-09-05
In the recent morning, 30 police officers from the Shanghai Sea Defense Port and Navigation Public Security Police, dressed in new life-saving equipment for water single police officers, devoted themselves to water patrols.

Since its establishment, the Border Port and Shipping Public Security Bureau has been actively serving the construction of the “Belt and Road”, the “Yangtze River Delta Integration” strategy and the construction of the Shanghai International Shipping Center, actively promoting the construction of the city’s water security prevention and control system, and various daily inspections and attacks in the waters of its jurisdiction. The prevention efforts are continuously increasing. Due to the increase in the density of inspections of ships underway by law enforcement police, and most of them work at night, the law enforcement environment in waters is greatly different from that in land. The existing police clothing equipped with life jackets is actually working in terms of windproof, waterproof, non-slip, and flexibility. China cannot meet the water law enforcement needs.

  The new water single police life-saving equipment is divided into three types: summer, spring and autumn, and winter suits. Most of the versions are jacket styles, which are reflective, light, obvious signs, and prevent items from being dropped. The main fabric adopts the international general life-saving orange silk-coated cotton fabric, and the fabric composition is polyester. The auxiliary fabric is made of police blue silk-coated cotton fabric, which has good protection, water repellency, breathability, reflective properties, free human mobility and excellent environmental protection durability, which is convenient for water rescue activities.

The life-saving equipment is equipped with a life-saving airbag, which can be inflated automatically within 4.5 seconds of falling into the water, and is equipped with a manual inflating device to ensure that it is foolproof. The falling-water rescue lamp equipped with it can flash for 8 hours after falling into the water, which is convenient for night discovery and rescue activities .

  The water single police rescue helmet and boots are matched with the equipment. The protective helmet is white, and the internal buffer layer is made of high-strength EPS buffer, which acts as a buffer in the event of a collision and provides a good protection for the head. The protective boots are waterproof, non-slip, anti-corrosion, and anti-puncture.

It is reported that the new life-saving equipment for single-water police will be distributed to the police on water patrols in frontier ports, shipping and public security, and will be gradually promoted and applied to all water-wading police stations in the city, in order to better combat water crimes and maintain water safety. contribution.
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