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New police equipment is online, traffic police

by:XinXing     2020-09-15
Carrying a driver’s license when driving on the road is clearly stipulated by law. However, in the daily law enforcement process, traffic police will always encounter a few drivers who forget to carry a driver’s license. At this time, proving the person’s true identity becomes a problem. So how to solve this problem? The Nanjing Traffic Police gave a solution here. A new police equipment was launched-the face recognition module. This equipment saved a lot of things for the traffic police and played an important auxiliary role in the law enforcement process.

Not long ago, Li lied that he did not have a driver's license because he was stopped by a traffic police for violation of the rules while driving, and he fraudulently used Liu's name and ID card information, resulting in Liu's driving license being fined 12 points. The error caused a lot of trouble. However, for the face recognition function at the moment, the software will collect the characteristics of the eyes and nose and compare it with the identity of the person being checked in the public security personnel information database. In just a few seconds, the system will pop up the comparison result to identify The accuracy rate exceeds 85%.

Xinxing police equipment reminds everyone that you must carry your driver's license with you when you drive. If someone wants to be smart, the newly launched police equipment-face recognition technology will not let them succeed, and they will face more serious legal consequences!
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