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New single police equipment improves law enforcement

by:XinXing     2020-09-28
Single police equipment is the basic guarantee for the majority of civilian police to defeat criminals and protect their own safety, so the quality of the equipment is the key. In order to increase law enforcement and enhance its own protection capabilities, a city has distributed new single police equipment to more than 100 grassroots police officers.
The issued single police equipment mainly includes telescopic batons, glare flashlights, tear gas jets, metal handcuffs, multifunctional belts and tear gas jets. The new single police equipment is quite different from the old equipment.
The telescopic baton is made of reinforced steel made of titanium alloy, and its endurance is more than 6 times that of the original baton. When the baton is drawn, the baton is directly stretched and can be attacked and defended.

Telescopic baton SSG-AH
The handcuffs are made of titanium alloy, which is about half the weight of the original handcuffs, but its strength has reached more than 5 times, can withstand 1 ton of lifting force, and can also be rotated at will, which is safe for the police in performing tasks Sex is greatly enhanced.
Titanium alloy anti-opening handcuffs
The new type of strong light flashlight adds a 'strobe flash' one-key button, as long as you press the flash position with one key, you can directly enter the flash law enforcement.
Police flashlight S AH
The new single police equipment has gradually solved the problems of large size, heavy quality, easy damage, poor performance, and inconvenience to carry. It has greatly improved flexibility, toughness, and safety, and greatly improved the security of police law enforcement.
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