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On the anti-stab track-the anti-stab suit has

by:XinXing     2020-06-26
In recent hot news, a horrifying murder occurred in a village in Nanyang, Henan. After the village tyrant's attempt to sexually assault the woman was rejected, she was slashed with a knife to kill her family. Behind the emergence of various violent incidents and terror incidents, it is often said: 'Harmful hearts are indispensable, and defensive hearts are indispensable.' While we are paying attention to the news, we should also give us a sense of security awareness. Xinxing's friends have been struggling on the road of safety protection. In terms of the safety performance of anti-stab and stab, Gu'an anti-stab suit will never let you down. This is the responsibility of every employee of Xinxing. , Has been doing this. The following will take you in-depth understanding of Xinxing anti-stab clothing. Basic information of stab-resistant clothing: The stab-resistant clothing is also called stab-resistant vest and knife-proof clothing. Anti-stab clothing has the functions of anti-cutting, anti-cutting, anti-stab, anti-scratching of angular objects, wear resistance, anti-theft and so on. When wearing stab-resistant clothing, when wearing or using a sharp knife, sharp blade, sharp object, etc. to cut, cut, scrape, rub, stab, and scratch can protect the wearer from cuts, cuts, scratches, stabs, scratches, It is suitable for wearing in the face of sudden danger, or being cut or stabbed in the event of violence. On the anti-stab track_Guan anti-stab clothing has never let you down_Guan anti-stab clothing characteristics_Guan anti-stab clothing basic information_Guan anti-stab clothing advantages The advantages of anti-stab clothing: 1. Knife resistance: Ultra-high-strength fiber high-density weaving, using a special process to form a soft force group, which can prevent cuts 2. Anti-stab: the anti-stab ability is greater than 500 Newtons 3. Anti-cutting: The special braided structure plus the excellent performance of ultra-high-strength fiber makes this garment have anti-cutting function 4. Anti-theft: the blade cannot cut through the anti-cut layer, and the items in the pocket of the clothing can prevent theft 5. High strength: Double-thread sewing with ultra-high-strength fiber thread to ensure the cut-proof level at the seam, not easy to damage and tear
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