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People's Liberation Army combat boots training

by:XinXing     2020-03-29
A 50-kilometer full-scale combat readiness for a certain division of the Guangzhou Military Region began. Corporal Pei Chengfei stepped in the front with special boot pads issued by the division's quarters department. Pei Chengfei said that in the past, the heels of long-distance marches often wear out blisters, but nowadays they no longer need to be troubled with small boot pads. Combat boots were originally equipped with insoles, why bother? Liu Hefa, assistant of the division's quartermaster department, said: After the 07-type combat boots were sent to the army, officers and soldiers wore mud, stepped on thorns, and covered mountains and rivers as they flattened the ground. Praise. However, as the intensity of actual combat training increased, officers and soldiers found that the rear cowhide of the combat boots and the original boot pads were relatively hard, and high-intensity march training easily rubbed the heels to blow out water, affecting combat operations. To this end, the division actively contacted the manufacturer to design this small boot pad that was specially placed around the heel to apply a 'battle patch' to combat boots. The author saw that the troops marched 50 kilometers long and conducted 13 tactical exercises. The number of officers and men who had blistered on the heels decreased significantly. Huang Bin, commander of the fifth company of an artillery regiment, said that it is necessary to train 'iron feet' and build combat boots to achieve the combination of the two in order to meet the requirements of warfare. Compared with the standard of fighting, what 'battlefield patches' do combat boots need? Just in mid-March, a regiment organized combat readiness training, and many officers and soldiers were sweating on their feet and were very uncomfortable. Some soldiers simply drilled a few holes in the side of the boots for ventilation. However, when the road suddenly encountered heavy rain, the perforated boots lost their water resistance, causing their feet to soak in the water. In response to the problem of good waterproof performance of combat boots, but the breathability needs to be improved, some officers and soldiers borrowed from the design of a certain brand of sports shoes and bought a leather pad after punching a small hole on the inside of the boots. When it rains, they will pad it. Under the skin pad, the problem has been initially improved. In the large-scale discussion of combat effectiveness standards, the division's party committee organized officers and soldiers to analyze this typical case and reflect on the concept of protection that could not keep up with the battlefield. For combat boots with many shoe holes and long boot straps, the shoe laces can easily hang on the branches and weeds in bushes to affect operations. Some officers and men recommend reducing the number of boot holes and the length of boot straps. Wang Xiufeng, head of the division's support department, told the author that they have always insisted on logistic support going to the front-line drill ground, and the contradiction between acquisition and incompatibility in the first time. Since this year, they have overcome 11 logistic support problems such as oil supply during the mobile journey.
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