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Police Cell Cleaning: Vital To Eliminate Any Risk

by:XinXing     2020-10-06

Among many emergency services, firms these days provide prison cell cleaning services. Police and prison cell cleaning is entrusted upon firms providing sanitation services at public places like railway stations, airports, community centers etc. Prison cells are places where a large number of people are consecrated and they are there for long periods of time. The risk of contagious diseases spreading at such places is extremely high. Therefore sanitation services required too is of a vastly different type than what is offered at places like railway stations and airports where there is constant movement of people and nobody stays for a considerable amount of time. Prison cells are in a way accommodations for under-trials, people who have committed crimes and police officials alike. Because there is constant human presence inside the cells, and the situation being turned more challenging as the prisoners cannot be allowed to move outside till the time their cells are cleaned, the whole process turns tricky.

The sanitation providers claim removal and proper disposal of contaminated items, complete biological decontamination of all bacteria infested or dirt affected areas. Viral and disease decontamination is also undertaken along with blood removal. Mutually used places like toilets, and shower areas are sanitized with disinfectants. Therefore, police cell cleaning is vital and must be ensured with complete safety.

HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, cholera and tuberculosis are among the dangerous disease which have a high rate of spreading at prison cells and police holding cells. Biohazards are another threat. Blood, urine, faces and vomit need to be removed immediately and the area disinfected safely to provide a hygienic and safe environment to both the police personnel and criminal inmates. These days' builders contracted to construct prison cells are issued guidelines directing them to take special care regarding proper builders cleaning and sanitation facilities, using biodegradable construction materials.

A prison house is a place where criminals suffering from unstable mental conditions are kept as well. There have been cases in the past where some prisoners protesting about some factors resorted to unhealthy actions like urinating in their cells without using the facilities provided. Although these factors were taken as a protest, they were unhealthy nevertheless, and were to be dealt with some strictness both in terms of behavioral correction and sanitation. Cleaning the indoors though may be important but what is more important is to ensure these sanitation providers do not play with the environment. They dispose off the waste at places allotted by the civic agencies, do not let any third party contractors take the responsibility of disposal and not check whether they are abiding by the rules. The firms may do the task but public participation is equally important and indispensable.

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