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'Police Equipment Co., Ltd.' Production Product

by:XinXing     2020-09-10
As the name suggests, the Police Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company that produces special products used by the government and the military. Ordinary people don't have much contact with such companies. So what products do these companies produce? The editor will briefly introduce a few products to you today:
1. Electric shock stick
The electric shock rod is mainly composed of an integrated high-quality integrated block and a rechargeable Ni-MH battery; the external structure is mainly composed of ABS hard plastic injection molding and metal materials. Generally, there are one or several pairs of metal electric shock heads at the front of the product and the rear There is an electric shock safety switch. Press the electric shock switch to produce a strong electric shock.
Two or eight piece set
The police multifunctional belt is also called the police eight-piece set. The eight-piece police belt set is composed of a main belt (including diagonal belt) and eight working bags. Supporting equipment: ①handcuff cover ② walkie-talkie ③ strong light flashlight cover ④ Police work bag ⑤ police water bottle ⑥ baton cover ⑦ holster ⑧ tear gas jet cover.
Three, combat vest
The combat vest is made of waterproof, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant fabrics. According to the special police combat needs and ergonomic principles, the multi-functional bag that can hold a variety of magazines and wear walkie-talkies and other equipment is mainly suitable for military police, special police, and Used by combat troops.
4. Bright flashlight
The police flashlight is one of the important single police equipment. The front end has an offensive thorn groove, which can play a role in attacking pain and uniforms. The flashing function can also make the criminals temporarily blind and dizzy in a short time, playing a certain self-defense effect. .The shell is made of aviation aluminum material and has been anodized. The product has the functions of waterproof, explosion-proof, earthquake resistance, and compression resistance.
Five, kettle
Police kettle, also known as stainless steel vacuum police kettle, has been tested by the Ministry of Public Security to resist collision, squeeze without deformation, small size, light weight, large capacity, good insulation effect and long service life.
Six, catcher
Police anti-riot arresting wrist lock device and police anti-riot arresting waist lock device. According to the principle of the ratchet wrench, a lock with a trigger mechanism, which looks like a handcuff, is made, and the back is equipped with a telescopic long rod. If you face a person holding a knife, you only need to meet the opponent's knife-holding arm, and the mechanism will be triggered to lock the opponent's knife-holding hand so that the opponent cannot move and protect yourself from injury. This kind of device can not only lock the hands, but also lock the legs. After locking the legs, you only need to pull them away, and the opponent will fall to the ground and lose the ability to resist. The waist locker also uses the same principle. This device not only avoids direct physical contact between the police and the opponent in the process of riot prevention and arrest, and greatly reduces the damage of the police officer, it can also be used to catch injured dogs or other animals, and can also be used on rescue scenes.
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