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Police wear single police equipment on the road on duty

by:XinXing     2020-09-28
We all know that single police equipment is necessary equipment for the police to perform their tasks. It can help them better fight the gangsters and protect their lives. So can the single police equipment only be used when the police officially dispatch the police? Can we usually see police officers wearing single police equipment?

Of course the answer is yes! I have always taken a bus to and from get off work. Recently, I will see policemen directing traffic at intersections with particularly heavy traffic. They will assist the frontline police to direct traffic at major intersections during the morning, afternoon and evening rush hours to ensure smooth roads. During the period of duty, all policemen are required to wear single police equipment, which includes handcuffs, batons, tear gas sprayers, traffic police work bags, etc. At the same time, the law enforcement recorder must be turned on to standardize the command!

The effective application of single police equipment makes law enforcement smoother and smoother. Not only can it protect the personal safety of police officers on duty, but the use of law enforcement recorders can record criminals’ illegal activities well, leaving them nowhere to hide!
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