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Policewomen are very beautiful in uniforms, Russian

by:XinXing     2020-06-16
Policewomen are very beautiful in uniforms, Russian netizens: nurses, doctors, teachers should also be assigned uniforms! As we all know, the Russian Federation is very rich in land and resources. Although the population density is not high, there are many organizations. Many federal agencies have beautiful uniforms, badges, military ranks, and police rank (rank) marks. As it happens, Russia is also a place for beauties, so let's use uniforms of Russian beauties to explain the uniforms and logos of the ten major Russian institutions. The people in the photo are 10 beautiful Siberian girls. They talk about the administrative power of Russia through their uniforms and epaulets. We understand the special skills that uniforms bring to them from the side. Yana Malecheva (Яна Марейчева), 31 years old, married, officer of the 5th Dzerzhinsky Police Force of the Novosibirsk Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, and an agent of the General Crime Investigation Department. Yana Malecheva has been in the police force for the 11th year. What attracts her is the active and diligent external image of the police force. There is a view that a woman in uniform is cold, stiff and severe, but this is not seen in Yana Malecheva. She is very enthusiastic despite her seriousness. Yana Malecheva is wearing the uniform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, admiring the rank of captain, dark blue epaulettes, light blue tie, golden five-pointed star, and the left arm is the emblem of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Nina Sanzia (Нина Саранч), 27 years old, is a detective in the nomadic area of ??the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, a lieutenant policeman, with blue badges, red posts and golden stars. She studied in Omsk for 5 years and obtained a higher professional education certificate. Although the agents in the nomadic area were mostly men, she quickly became accustomed to the profession of a police officer and did not feel any ignorance. When you put on a festive dress, your attention is a bit different. Alina Burtseva (Алина Бурцева), 28 years old, police commissioner of the Karaskoski branch of the Bagan police branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, ranks lieutenant, with blue badges, red bars, and five golden stars. The armband of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs is on the left arm. Alina Burtseva’s Russian literature teacher told her to have a strong sense of justice, so she chose to study law and hoped to be assigned to the police station after graduation. When she heard that there was an indicator of the direction of the Omsk Ministry of Internal Affairs, she Decided to try it. Alina Burtseva said that 'uniforms will decorate us', attracting many envious eyes. Polin Sistrov (Полина Шистерова), 29 years old, is married, investigator and sergeant of the National Liberation Forces Investigation Division of the Russian Federal Investigation Agency. Out of interest in law, she joined the police. Even if there is only one woman working there, she is the highlight. The police uniform can only be worn on formal occasions and festivals, but Pauline hopes that the uniform will be more beautifully designed, but it will not be sad to wear the current police uniform. Olga Demchenko (Ольга Демченко), 32 years old, has been married, a criminal investigation expert, a sergeant, and a captain of the Russian State Tax Agency. The police uniform of the Tax Investigation Bureau of the Inland Revenue Bureau is pine green, the red badge is the red badge, and the golden five-pointed star. Olga Demchenko University is a chemistry major. After graduation, she hopes to find an interesting professional job. The forensic work of the Criminal Investigation Bureau is just right for her. Olga Demchenko said: When I put on my uniform for the first time, I didn’t feel anything unusual, but after a while I fell in love with him because the people around me said that I look good and I like me Wearing a uniform skirt. Yulia Panfilova (Юлия Панфилова), 35 years old, has served in the National Liberation Forces Investigation Division of the Russian Federal Bureau of Investigation for 11 years. He is a senior detective and a major police rank. Yulia Panfilova's grandfather and uncle are both policemen, and she inherited the profession of the family. Yulia Panfilova said that we can only wear uniforms at festivals and special occasions, and the work clothes are usually very beautiful. One day I went to a small hospital in Kitla. The children said to their mother, 'Look, a beautiful The female army is here,' everyone laughed, and I laughed. But the skirt is easy to get dirty, it is not convenient to exercise, and it is not comfortable to sit in court for a long time in isolation and imprisonment. Olga Subukulova (Ольга Субханкулова), 29 years old, married, expert of the Criminal Investigation Division of the State Taxation Office of the Russian Federation, sheriff, captain. The rank of captain is the characteristic of Russia, with pine green badges, red ranks, four stars, two horizontal axes and two vertical columns. Olga Subukulova believes that women in uniforms and badges look elegant and neat, 'I am proud of wearing uniforms.' Yulia Peretina (Юлия Перемитина), Senior Inspector of the National Liberation Force Personnel Department, 32 years old, Captain rank. She said: 'I always dreamed of wearing uniforms. My dad used to work in the police, so I went to law school. I am willing to eliminate the old concept of men being soldiers, and women can perform their duties faithfully. Generally speaking , People are suspicious of female soldiers first, and then research, but when you gain credibility everything will be fine.' Victoria-Nizar (Виктория Нижальская), inspector general of the Customs Inspection Office of the Novosibirsk Customs Administration, captain's rank, pine green badge, yellow title bar, 3 yellow stars. She believes that more women work in customs than men, women are more patient, and are particularly suitable for handling a large number of documents. I like wearing uniforms. Walking on the street is more attractive than wearing jeans. 36 years old, married, Director of Operations of the Drug Enforcement Division of the Novosibirsk Customs, Director, Captain of the Captain, Pine Green Badge, Yellow Armature, 4 Yellow Stars. She believes that occupations cannot be divided into men and women. If they perform their duties creatively, they can realize themselves in any workplace. Although I do not deny that if I am the only woman in the operation, sometimes I feel embarrassed. Since I am an action person, I can wear casual clothes occasionally, and of course I will get a lot of beautiful compliments. Many Russian netizens believe that nurses, doctors, and teachers should also be given uniforms. After wearing these uniforms, these high-quality women will look very beautiful even if they don’t wear high heels. Of course, they will look more beautiful when they wear boots. There are also Russian netizens who believe that all girls in uniforms are beautiful and that uniforms can decorate a woman, but the most important thing is not this, but people should do their job well. Then, the last question of this article: 'Which of the 10 Siberian uniformed policewomen is the most beautiful?'
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