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Problems in the management of police equipment

by:XinXing     2020-09-24
In recent years, the grassroots police equipment has been greatly improved, and some problems that have been tried to be solved but have not been solved for many years have been solved. The old police equipment has been updated and the performance of the new police equipment has become better and better. , The technological content is getting higher and higher. However, with a large number of various police equipment equipped in such a short period of time, some problems that cannot be ignored have been exposed in the management of police equipment, which affects and restricts the service life and efficiency of the equipment.

1. The grassroots police have a low awareness of using police equipment. Although the higher-level departments have issued three orders and five applications that grassroots police must be equipped with police equipment in the process of handling police, individual grassroots leaders and police still follow the old ideas and habits, thinking that they only need to bring them when dealing with major cases, and usually deal with general incidents. There is no need to wear a belt, and the allotted multifunctional belt has only one specification model and is heavier. The policemen have uneven body shape and physical strength, and feel that they are very uncomfortable and uncomfortable to wear, and some take off unused parts. Some of them are simply placed on patrol vehicles, resulting in a low utilization rate of police equipment, affecting the effectiveness of police equipment in actual combat, and becoming a decoration.

2. The phenomenon of reusing police equipment and neglecting management is widespread. Through daily inspections, we found that some units generally re-use and neglect existing police equipment. Some grassroots team leaders have weak awareness of equipment management and neglect the management of police equipment in their daily work. For example, in the use of vehicles, they only know whether to drive or maintain them, resulting in poor vehicle conditions, short service life and high maintenance costs. In terms of individual police equipment, the procedures for receiving, returning, and transferring equipment cannot be effectively performed. After the equipment is damaged or lost, the punishment measures cannot be effectively performed. Under this management state, the grassroots police have a weak sense of caring for police equipment. Pay attention to the daily maintenance work of police equipment, and even place them randomly, resulting in serious damage and loss.

3. The maintenance of police equipment is not in place and its role is not obvious. With the increasing technological content of police equipment in recent years, the maintenance of police equipment becomes particularly important. The police do not know much about the performance of various types of equipment, and do not know what maintenance methods should be adopted for different types of equipment. Police equipment is not maintained in a timely and effective manner after use, which has greatly shortened the service life of police equipment. In addition, some equipment must be repaired by the designated repair points of the Public Security Department. There are few repair points and long repair cycles, which causes the grassroots teams to shelve some police equipment after they are damaged, and some are even not used at all, which also affects the police equipment. Effective play.

4. The police equipment management system is a mere formality, and its implementation is not in place. Regarding the deployment and management of police equipment, apart from guns and ammunition that have been implemented in strict accordance with the equipment standards and management system, the management of other police equipment, although there are systems to follow, still has the phenomenon of heavy purchase and light management. The system is useless. Some grassroots units are unable to maintain police equipment in time due to busy work and other reasons. Although some implement centralized storage, they have not been registered, and the base is unclear. Some units have malpractices in the management of police equipment and need to use them in emergency situations. It is not available in time, and some are not used for fear of trouble.
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