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Race against time


Chinese new year holiday coming soon , it is nervous during this time every year , it seems a big challenge for how we do cooperation with our shipping apartment .

As usual , most of goods should be shipped before holiday , we always try our best to do , but there would be some problems always . As predicted, about 100 cartons goods were found that cartons were broken on warehouse. The goods would go aboard in next day . Time is limited , we need change the cartons by ourself, because there is not any one available on warehouse.

At mean time we decided to go to warehouse and change the cartons , general manager with us together , that what we haven’t think .


The sun is hot as our heart. We spend about 3.5 hours to finish the work , under the leadership of the general manager. Every one is full afford and tired , but we are happy , because goods can be shipped on time and we strengthened cooperation with others . It is also a important experience for a company once meets any urgent situation.

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