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Reflective raincoat, the light walking in the

by:XinXing     2020-08-25

Drivers who drive overnight should be aware of it. Due to poor vision when driving at night, the driver cannot see the road conditions ahead at a glance, and there are more unexpected situations at night.

Traffic accidents are very prone to occur, especially in the dark night when it rains heavily. The rain is so full that even the city becomes blurred. This requires the driver to keep concentrated and maximize the distance between cars.

Ensure travel safety.

However, in areas with heavy traffic on urban roads and at traffic light intersections, pedestrians often run out from the seams to cross the road. This is more difficult for drivers to detect at night and is easy to guide.

Cause a traffic accident. At this time, if pedestrians wear eye-catching reflective raincoats, they can attract the attention of the driver and brake you well to avoid accidents.

The traffic police on duty on rainy nights mostly wear eye-catching and bright reflective raincoats. This kind of reflective raincoat is based on the popular raincoats. The front chest and back arms are symmetrically sewn with bright reflective strips.

The raincoat produces a striking and dazzling reflected light under the illumination of street lights or strong light, like a light in the dark night, to remind the front and rear vehicles, and play a safety protection effect.

Life is precious, cherish life, pay attention to your own safety, the future will have unlimited possibilities.
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